Selling  250k-300k Might  Android 250K best possible account for GW(new hiroes +demo)

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    its proffesional account that easily can hit +300k in gw
    only missing 2 new hiroes.
    +200k shard +20k fame
    there are too many special legendary hiro card in ware house more than 8 artica and 1 demogorgon and so on
    about talents you need to see account by yourself.talents are incredible.
    most talent have revite wargod and bulwark talents.
    defence hiros has stonestill and bladeshell talent for best possibility defence.
    +10 revite 5 talents
    gem bought on account 1700000gem
    i have all gem recieption if any buyer need it.
    you can ask for all pictures and videos about acc or we can go on live stream
    price is 450$ as you can enjoy the account and enjoy the game from what i will leave to you
    im already end with this game and look for good buyer.
    add me on line for all information and you are welcome
    line id: perfect-clasher