24m SP Caldari Tengu/Recons/BS pilot

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    This character was specialized for Tengu, Caldari Recons, and Ravens. Most notable assets are the Tengu she currently sits in with full faction gear/deadspace booster, worth well over a billion. currently in a +4's/3's mix clone (sans Charisma) as well with missle implants, no other notable implant clones. Tengu SC: s://picasaweb.google/lh/phot...eat=directlink 1.5 Billion liquid isk on the char as well, and a somewhat large pile of faction items from farming. Faction Pile: s://picasaweb.google/lh/phot...eat=directlink PNG of the evemon skill list can be found at this link (zoom in for closer look): s://picasaweb.google/lh/phot...eat=directlink Ideally i'd love to get 350 for it, but i'm very open to offers. If anyone is interested in the ISK separately, I'd do the 1.5b for 25, and knock it off. Please PM with info/offers/questions whatever. or, : Provos or, AIM: Gooseman1021 or, : SomeGuyBro or, : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.