Sold 220 omni Fixer

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    220 omni Fixer

    220/26/70 omni atrox FIXER with awesome evades and tanking abilities!

    This fixer is fast, effective and easy to play.

    What makes him unique is his CHAMPION PvP title from ancient times. It is not possible to get this title anymore!

    1) He got an optimized IP layout for using QL 300 Hawk MK 5 + Kyr'ozch machine pistol type 5 (+envy in inventory). Recently he has received several upgrades after a long time of inactivity. This does ensure good privacy.

    2) Symbiant setup is balanced with up to QL 280 symbiants and exterminator ocular enhancement. He could be twinked into some ALPHAs, with all research done, his alien levels and his buffing gear!

    3) The armor setup is QL 300 Gannondors combined commandos helm, penultimate ofab armor chest with two penultimate ofab sleeves, penultimate ofab gloves, DB pants and DB boots with shadow-web-spinner MK 11 on the back plus QL 300 ofab fixer ring!

    On his shoulders are superior icy shoulder of brawn and Might of the Revenant for higher DD . Wrist setup is optimal with Perfected Dust brigadebracer + masterpiece ancient bracer.

    4) Hud/Utils: 1000+ Tokens with board, fixer ICC nanodeck, masterpiece combat tuner, infused ancient defender, sniper's friend, DL stabilizing aid and more.

    He got alien playfield 28 belt, TNH belt plus QL 250 infused morphing, QL 250 infused range, 250 infused hardcore upgrade and 300 infused compiler.

    5) Fixer grid quest done, Fixer team grid quest and even fixer shadowlands grid quest done!

    Uncle bazzit quest, the whole of ICC quest for all ICC nanos, Fly Catcher Specs etc.

    The account comes with a squad of alts:

    1) 203 female, nanomage clan NT with inferno access

    2) Title 6 (190+) female, solitus clan doctor with inferno access

    3) 150 male, opifex clan bureaucrat and

    4) 25 atrox MP

    5) 188 atrox neutral soldier with P-Blaster and Pandemonium access.

    6) 145 atrox neutral enforcer in process of leveling
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.