220 atrox clan adv rk1

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    2nd time i am trying to sell! basicly i am sick of AO now. so i have a few accounts for sale but this is the best of them all( see bottom of post for other accounts) i have stripped my other accounts n just put the best items on this account. this account is unknown and wen u log in you will not b spammed with playerup.com playerup.com playerup.com like other accounts bids start at: $400 USD BO is $450 USD AS title says 220 atrox adv rk 1 and clan 4k + tokens 300mil cash sweet symbs ql 280ish+ full set of ql 300 CC (worth $250 alone) cloak of wandering knight robust backpack dragonflesh body armor 100+ beast points pande loot APF loot beast loot 40k vp left i have NOT done the DB bracers quest so u can do that your self. and also few sellable items on the account include, slippers of screamin, bloodsoaked cloak, HHAB inf boots x2, MANY completed patterns. etc account also has few other alts. twink 120 keeper with Combined Mercs ql 130 and excalibur twink 174 fixer everything u need except the ql 224 CSS :p( NO ARMOR ON THIS TOON) lvl 130 NT for kiting lvl 203 NT for higher lvl kiting lvl 190 MA needs help This account has all upgrades and expansions i have 2 other accounts for sale 1 has a lvl 189 solja and other toons who are all stripped almost. i have a 217 atrox shade with t3mytical n few other toons both of these 2 account im looiking to sell for small money because i no longer like or want to play AO im sick of it now. Leave OFFERS here or PM me [email protected] ALL TOONS ARE RK1 AND CLAN! NOTE: I AM NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES INGAME OR OUT OF GAME I AM ACCEPTING CASH OFFERS ONLY PAY PAL ONLY(may need to be verifiyed) MUST HAVE GOOD REP HERE ALL 3 ACCOUNTS FOR $450 USD IF NO 1 CAN PUT IN DECENT OFFER BY THIS TIME NEXT WEEK IL JUST LEAVE ACCNT 2 ROT [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.