220-AI20, Clan RK1 Adventurer

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    I havent played the game in awhile, I am selling the account just to get some extra cash. Once I find someone interested I will reactivate the account and confirm to you what is on it. 220/20adv - pvp specced - ql200 ELLTS - Doesn't Exist anymore - ql300 Merc set both sleeves and whatnot.. - ql300 Commando set - ql300 2x Kyroch axes - 2,500 board and tokens - Full set of ql 250 Symbiants - Arul Sabas HP+ - RBP - Burden - GPH - Beast Pads - GoS - GoC - All the SL keys - Pande +50 Agil/Sense Belt, +50 Psychic/Intell Belt - Apf Belt - many many skill up items, cant name them all because i cant remember them all - This Character is Twinked out the Wazooo with all the best items which were available at the time I was playing I can give you a better look at all the items once I get a chance to speak with you and log on the character. I have everything you want on this character and a few things you dont know about but want aswell. 149 Agent - Was a pvp twink - *Not Equipped* ql 300 Sharpshooter set - figured if i was gonna lvl might aswell have the set If you dont want to play the agent you can go ahead and sell the set for whatever its worth now... A couple Billion or whatnot I was looking to get $ 600 for the account. It is worth much more then that, but I rather sell it all in one go. contact me at soapbox123456789 on AIM or at [email protected] or respond on this post and I'll msg you. So once again there is much more items on the account I just cannot remember them all, If you are interested and would like to bid on the account I will be happy to show you exactly what you will be getting for your money.
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