220 advy and alts, RK 2

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    220/25 solitus advy(actually AI 24 toon,missing 35 or 40k to AI 25,like ~10 mins of killing) with a CC set currently equipped, a full CM(-chest) set in the backpack,infused masterpiece bracer(DB bracer),masterpiece bracer(alba bracer), ql 300 symbs in all spots(minus head/ear and chest,chest is 290,brain is 280,ear 240),all quest nanos(17.8) done, since then, he has been inactive, so you have to "make up" for 2 patch cycles. All top nanos. +100 nano skill phulaks(extremely rare) ql 300 computing/evening star/ring od divine teardrops(buffing rings), all of this crap is in the bank, the bank also has a lot of nodrop crap that you might find useful. Also has a cloak of the wandering knight,as well as a notucomm,spirit shroud and some other unique items. Mark of the fisher king as well. Basically,best of the best in every possible slot with every viable alternative in the backpacks, the recent patches MAY have changed this, I wouldn't know as I haven't played for a while. 170/21(or 22,not sure) crat,mix of scouts and css,twinked to the max. 118/8 atro keeper,with excal,2 CM pieces and predator. 41/4 stripped atro enfo twink(all the stuff is in the bags,so if you want to reequip him,its easy,the 2 CM pieces are on the keeper) 35/2 soli soldier(supple helmet on him/predator set in a backpack,as well as assorted high level nanos like Art of Peace and the likes) The toons also have a few bil(i think 1.7 between all toons) And some other toons,which are not worth mentioning. As you can see, the characters are nicely equipped, the alts I have started working on, but never got around to finishing as well. I assume that all the things on these accounts are worth at least 10bil, during the time I played, the CC alone was ~650-700 mil a piece(full set -chest is what, 4bil alone?), CM was cheaper, 350(if I recall correctly), also, shortly before I stopped playing, the infantry symbs have gotten to absurd prices of rivaling CC pieces. If you're interested, leave a reply, also my is: [email protected] I only accept WU, as Paypal doesn't work.
Thread Status:
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