220 account for sale (expansions) and bargin!

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    Ok so i have my account up for sale due to recently having a baby and not getting much time to play anymore and would be nice to see someone making some use of the account instead of it just sat there doing nothing, The account has 3 merged into it, 2 expansions and 1 froob, With me playing for so long i cant go into everything so im going to say what i thin you guys will be interested in, but there is allot more ill be missing as the purchaser will find out. starting small the main use for the froob account is that it has a 25 twink that is equipted with ql 100 imps, gta, and max armor (rynoman). There is allso a 112 mp on there mainly used for trade skills when there no one arround. Now first paid account: i have played this game many of years so trying to explain everything on the account and every single toon would be next to imposible, but on this one we have a 212 soldier some beast gear some xan symbs and some other fun xan things, has equipted ai armor with dread kinda good kinda symbs could use update soon but has them ready, he has first made a 150 twink twink but then i moved on, Also u have a 150 fixer twink full equipted and loves kicking *** in pvp, has ofab wep allong with a shotgun (cant remeber the name) armor is mainly ai n ofab but symbs maxed, on the next paid account: you have a 220 enfo with everything u need, from armor to wep, to symb, to belt, he has full beast armor full db armor 1hedged and 1hblunt xan weps (plus 2h edged and piercing xan weps in the bank) i changed my mind allot :p also come with full ai armor allmost maxed research ai allmost done pritty much in the final stages of finishing that toon, he has all his final nano's, he has the pande belts aswell as xan, can do all sectors and is able to tank, pritty much everything needed is on the account ready to equipt having a child never got time to do it. you allso have a 60 keeper, ai armor with ofab, soli, max reeserach and max ai owns totw loved pwning it with friends has pata equipted and 150-170 imps solius female, The are many thing in this account which i cant cover both accounts have the maximum toon on the so u get a little extra for this, all toons are equipted with good gear and banks basicly full with playing for so long, u will enjoy this account. Im asking 300 pound for the lot and am willing to pay for both account for expansions with the money i get for this account, i will keep coming on here so please leave you comments if u are intreseted like i said its a bargin, Payment will have to be transferred via Paypal, any other question please feel free to drop a comment and ill get back to you as soon as possible thank you
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