Selling 220/6X/2X Solitus Keeper Clan

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Facebook, 9/26/13.

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    220/6X/2X Solitus Keeper Clan

    Want to sell my account with a Solitus keeper on clan side. I'm the Original Owner which means nobody but me has used this account in any way. Tittle level 5 NT included for earning money at kiting.

    It has almost all alphas equiped the rest are intelligent symbs, you just need to get the rest of the Beta symbs which are actually quite easy to get these days.
    Has every nodrop ability items needed including: Burden of Competense, Dustbrigade armor, Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer, Masterpiece Ancient Bracer, ring of plausability, zods gloves, safeguards ncu's etc.

    He is in a Evade setup atm. He has the ofab needed, Cm ql 300 set, Pride of the xan, Xan upgraded Token Board.
    For DD I got a few crit items that are worth mentioning : Aquarius's Multitask Calculator, Snipers Friend, ql 270+ VTS, Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn and DB chest

    I have all Garden keys except for the Inferno one. I got inf boots and Hhab in inventory. A few Hundred million credits. Lots of Veteran points. Got plenty of Beast armor for social. Even have the two lazerswords incase someone would like to go Melee Engergy.

    Im looking for 200 Dollars for this account. I can exchange the CM for a set of ql 300 CC but then Ill raise the price to 250$
    (Still has gametime left)

    Im Selling right now 2 accounts.

    A 220 Keeper Account
    A 220 Doc account.

    Hm i´m looking for sth. about 300$.

    RK-1 Free to play "Froob" Buffing toons.

    Yep, like tittle states I have free to play accounts, with no monthly subscription fees, a.k.a froob buffing toons for sale at 20€ per account on Atlantean dimension.
    I will list some of the most important nanos that the buffing characters come with, as well as being able to self cast - as in casting without the need of changing equipment & implants,
    nor the help of other players to do so.

    Agent nanos:
    Enchanced Senses
    Feline Grace
    Unexpected Attack
    Take the Shot
    Ruse of Taren - Phase 3

    Doctor nanos:
    Superior First Aid
    Iron Circle

    Engineer nanos:
    Extreme Prejudice

    Fixer nano:
    Karma Harvest

    Meta-Physicist nanos:
    All Mochams
    All Infuses
    All Masteries
    All Teachings
    Mocham's Neural Interface-Web
    Calling of Curatem The Grand (level 169 heal pet)

    Soldier nanos:
    Riot Control

    Trader nanos:
    131/132 Wrangles
    500/1000 Lend Nano
    All Five Maestros (+125 Tradeskill buffs)

    Tradeskill wise these characters have 880 in Breaking & Entering and 675 in Nano programming skills, to be able to clean basic implants up to QL 185 and make them up to roughly QL 112.
    Higher is possible, depending on cluster(s) used.
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