220/20 enf and many valuable toons on RK2

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    After almost 4 years of playing AO i decided to quit , i tried to quit before many times , but always i return, now i know what i most to do if i want to finaly quit AO, i want to sell my account and finaly quit to play AO, all characters have clean reputation and very good items , i not want to sell it cheap because i have time and i am not in rush, i know that acc is valuable and person who buy acc will be satisfied .... acc is payed to April and i will make item list for all toons soon ,now i will post only some extra items what they have on 1. 220/20 enf/atrox/omni......around 60/le lvls ...all beast items for twinking artox enf (BOC,pads,belts...) so u not need anything from pande...HI specs, all nanos except last one from APF (but have some items for that Q), Masterpiece Anc Bracer , dreadloch items, upgraded EOT, symbs 270+ (ql 300 RA and chest i think, synd brain )many armor types for twinking , old T3 armor full set, OFAB ql 300 upgraded...not all parts but most important like head , chest, back,gloves...,DB armor ,no CM armor atm cuz i switched it to shade, Item for upgrading AI helm, APF belt,comm relay....more than 2,5k tokens ,all garden keys except inf sanc (but very near to finish that key) and many many more ...he is able to solo AI farm, cast ibehe ,new mongo ... 2.215/8/ shade /omni/atrox, around 50 LE lvls, ql 300 Kyr'oz rappier (typed ofc), Improved Medi-blade, CM ( switched from enf ): sleeve, pants, boots, chest all ql 300,hhab,lava boots, some pande items and around 100 pande pts, AI belt, Ai helm upgrade, DB memories, all nanos to 214lvl (not have any 215+) smugg token board, spirits is around ql 200+-,some valuable items like Bloodlust ... some garden keys ... 3.154/?/ neutral /Engi....nothing special that toon is for TS only...he have some good items all TS skills is around 1000-1200 4. 150/6/opi/ fixer/neutral/ around 30 LE lvls, s10 twink...that means he have GA4, SMG ql 240, full set of symbs for that lvl, prototype cyborg token board, Ai defense hud, fgrid....with few LE research he is ready for s10 5 165/ ?/solja, omni, he is in lvling mode so he not have too much special items ....he have Molar for inf, and he already have Dshark in inv...not remebere what symbs he have 6.133/neut trader, maded for wrangles only ....full set of symbs and some goot items like de valos sleeves, vest from prof. jones ... 7.102/ ?/ soli/ adv /omni....nothing special ....he was just powerleveled to 102 and stoped to progress , i not have time to do mre on that toon 8. 60/6/ opi/ omni / fix...twink with GAI and GA III, full set of symbs, and some spec items, token board with around 200 tokens...good for Totw (for soloing aztur) and for tower wars with acc u will get 300m credz bonus that is in short cuts ....if someone is interested for that acc , i will make him detailed item list , and ofc on end price, i asking 500$ and i will not go under that price , i accepting payment only on moneybookers , and only with SERIOUS and TRUSTED persons ...sry for some bad english words, i think u will understand all [​IMG] P.S My friend have around 2-3b credz for sale...65$ per bil so if someone is interested i will take credz from him and sell it to j00 [​IMG]
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