220/20+ Atrox Soldier (Pande++)

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    Decided to move on from Anarchy Online and after many years of playing i can definitely say AO is a great game and this is a great account, i'm looking to get atleast $300.00 for the account and trust me its worth it. He has.. QL 300 Faithful Armor (Multiple pieces) Hollow Island Specs /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Verrrrry Sexy. and very hard to get. 3+ Beast Armor Pieces (The Good Pieces..) CoNC Maxed and able to cast AMS IV Self. 5+ Zods NCU's including LEO etc.. QL 300 Combined Commando's Armor (included in sale) QL 300 Supple Armor (included in sale) +28 Ring of Divine Teardrop set. Lowbie Combined SharpShooter's Items for low lvl twinks Huge amount of twinking items QL 300 Dodge/Heal Deta/Evade Leg implant (worth 300m+, Included in sale) Beast Assault Rifle Weapon Inferno Garden/Sanctuary Keys Penumbra Garden/Sanctuary Keys Adonis Garden key. Sided pads (oldskool!! :p) The character has a very good reputation and as far as the character goes he is very capable of solo'ing mobs and holding his own in pvp :)P) The account ALSO has.. 210+ Fixer 210+ Nano Tech (LE nukes anyone?) 205+ Crat (T5 Ganker!) if you have any questions about the account or want more information about the account and the characters in it then let me know through email or on Email : [email protected] : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.