212/AI10+ Shade RK1

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    span> 115ish Nuke [censored] Nanomage NT ( Made specifically for power leveling alt characters and nothing more ) 212/AI10+ Male Opifex Shade Rk1 Omni span> Full IPR Still available 900 Paid Points ALL EXPANSIONS ( Including XAN ) Ql 223 Strong Armor Chest ql 223 Strong Armor Sleeve ql 223 Strong Armor Pants Slippers of Screaming 5/5 Gladiator Robe Lost Eden Token Board ( AAD/AAO ) Dreadloch Stab Guidance Improved Hacked Medi Blade 250ish Kyr'ozch Rapier QL 300 Penultimate OFAB Gloves Hold Hell At Bay +10 Ring ::Some DB Pieces in bank as well as new XAN quest items::: Good Spirits for his level All Garden Keys! 2.2k AR (Before Spirit Phyl perks ) span> Ofab Back Ofab Helmet Ofab Sleeve ql300 Viper (One or two types in bank already) Someone with care who will level him to 220 [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span> The account is amazing I only had it for a few days and I equiped him with the alien armor and fixed his perk setup. Reputation is imaculate as there were no major orgs that were left with question so your applications to any and all orgs should not be questioned. I received no flame tells or anything or even any questions during the length i was in game on the character. Shade easly soloed up to 7th wave of Hollow Island even only being a level 212 and solos every inferno dyna quite easly if you know what you are doing. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#3366FF<span style=]span> I will currently consider all trade offers but all in game credit or item offers will take priority. In-game credits ( Feel free to offer) In-Game Items ( Feel free to offer ) Cash ( Ingame items and accounts take priority as i am not a fan of IRL money for fake items [​IMG] ) Thank you all very much and please view my reputation thread before contacting me.[/COLOR] <span style="color: #FF0000Rules: If you have no reputation do not bother asking me to give you any information what so ever without first receiving collateral or the entire balance in full. There is no if and or buts about my stipulations. If you do not have more than 50 posts on [censored] Dragon do not bother contacting me as i do not deal with people who are not trusted on here. The account is not paid for and due to the fact that i have no interest in playing the account any longer i will not pay for it for someone to back out on the deal. If you wish to pay for the account to view the character before a deal is completed we can work that out. Best of luck to everyone and congratulations to whomever takes this wonderful Shade into new ownership.
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