2 full epic wow accounts wanting 1 good aion account (elyos only)

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    today i have 2 very nice wow accounts!! account 1 80 shaman full epic gear for every spec, his main spec is resto and he is in full uldar gear. his ele set is uldared out as well and he gets 14k plus self buffed lava burst. his enh set includes some nice pve epics and pvp gear. also i have pvp gear for ele and resto but not complete but about 500 resil on each set. he has dual spec also 77 DK with dual spec, he is fully rested to 80 so he is reaady to be lvled asap. he has a full well geared tank set and dps set. account 2 has dual spec 80 pally full naxx 25 and uldar geared for holy. he has complete offest gear for ret and prot, both sets are full epics. i have full deadly for holy and 3/5 for ret. 73 lock in very nice BC raiding gear for lvling he has high professions as well 60 rogue not much to say but he is there for play 47 druid or something of that lvl ill have to double check that 59 warrior also not to positive on the lvl just post ill be on all night im ready to make a trade tonight
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