1xx Hermit On ranks, Full information, with 2.4bil meso

Discussion in 'Maplestory Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Facebook, 8/1/14.

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    Serious traders only

    I have the right to refuse sale to anyone I suspect may be attempting to steal, I am not selling/trading any property of Nexon, I am simply selling/trading the time and effort I put into this account. (getting all the legal crap outta the way, not sure how things work around here)

    This account comes with everything you see in the screenshot along with very nice equipments that are worth over 1 billion meso.

    I am trading this account for pure NX cash cards(saving up to start on Yellonde whenever it comes out)

    Please don't come into this thread with flames and stuff that just simply isn't necessary, if you think people scam that's fine with me just keep your accusations to yourself, thank you.

    Offer me up, if I accept your offer I will add you to MSN/AIM/YIM/XFIRE

    When you offer, please leave a way to instant message you(I don't like waiting for emails)

    I have looked around the forum and it seems this place has had some trouble, plus the sticky saying there is no official middleman. So with that said, I will not be doing this trade with a middleman, the account is worth too much to trust just another random person with. You are expected to go first, or if you live in Southern California we could possibly work out a deal to meet up at a lan center for the trade, don't agree, don't offer.

    ~Real offers only please, don't reply and disappear~

    This account does in-fact have every bit of information you will need, which includes:

    Account ID



    E-mail/E-mail secret question(to change email password)

    First and Last name

    Secret question 1 answer

    Secret question 2 answer

    Even have the ethniticity(if you need lol?)

    ~Thank you and happy bidding~

    Im interested in this account. I just had a lvl 142 NL fall through. Im an old member here with a bunch of trades. I have sll positive feedback rep etc. Ill see if ill go first but since its not paypal that will be very hard to a new member with nothing =.

    Contact me please.



    Highest offer ~ 200k in NX cards.

    Zeeeeb added 43 Minutes and 55 Seconds later...

    Nevermind, highest offer is 75k in NX cards. Ian's offer fell through, didn't read the fine print of the thread. Account still up for grabs.

    100k NX~~~~~~

    100kNX? Just the Mesos are like 300kNX...

    Originally Posted by iCantDo

    100kNX? Just the Mesos are like 300kNX...

    It's called business =]

    can you post ss of the equips plz

    You all know he wants payment first! no matter what.

    Originally Posted by Ian133

    You all know he wants payment first! no matter what.

    Umm it kind of says it in the thread hahaha lern2read

    Can a mod or admin please delete all useless posts in this thread. I wanted offer only, if you request something else please PM me and keep the thread clean.

    Ian133, next time read the fine print before you tell me to add to MSN. You really tried to talk me into going first and I refused, this gives no reason whatsoever to reply reminding people of what I originally posted.

    Thank you
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