Sold 1st LEGENDARY SELLER [PC] [XB1] [XBX/S] [PS4] [PS5] Buying/Selling 2K22 MT Price Details Inside Over 2,600...

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    Get your cards SNIPED

    XBOX (Both Consoles)

    • $4usd/100k or $5.25cad/100k
    • 300k Minimum Purchase!
    • 10% Tax Not Covered!
    • Fast Delivery! ⚡
    Sold out on PlayStation & PC


    Payment Methods:

    • PayPal (Friends and Family only!)
      • PayPal is only for Users with good buying history on their Reddit account. (4 months+)
    • Canadian Etransfer
    • Crypto BTC
    • CashApp BTC (Verified CashApp BTC Wallet)
    • I do not have CashApp, Venmo, these are only for USA Residents.


    Buying MT!

    • PC, PlayStation (New Gen or Old!)
    • Don't risk the scams! Deal with a Legend Seller!
    • PayPal, CAD Etransfer, Crypto BTC
    • No risk of being scammed or charged back.
    • Must be willing to sell CHEAPER than market!
    • I only buy to Resell (Not for Personal Use)


    My Rep: (Over 2600 Reviews!)


    All customers are required to go first buying from or selling to me.

    Discord: jusbro92#3115
    . /u/jusbro92
    [link] .
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