Selling  Android and iOS  Level 70+ 14,5K+ Trophies - Level 100+ ACC - 32/33 - All Legendaries - Limited Skins

Discussion in 'Brawl Stars Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Momrix, 3/8/20.

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    Hello everyone. I'm selling my Brawl Stars account

    It got all brawlers expect Mr. P (32/33)

    It only got 14,5k+ trophies so you can have a lot of fun pushing the brawlers as many of them isn't really pushed yet

    It got some limited and normal skins. The skins are:

    Werewolf Leon, Red Nose Nita, Serenade Poco, Night Mecha Crow, Lil Helper Penny, Summer Jessie, Wizard Barley, Iris Tara, Star Shelly, Linebacker Bull, Pink Piper, Outlaw Colt

    All brawlers got enough star points to level it to max level (just missing gold)

    The account can be linked to your Supercell ID and email. I can help you with that if you buy the account

    I'm accepting Paypal and Runescape gold (both RS3 and OSRS gold). I'm looking for around 150$ but the price can be discussed - C/O is 100$

    Contact me on my Discord Pahl#1738 before buying or if you got questions or anything







Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.