10.6k GearScore Control Wizard|9.5k GS Great Weapon Fighter - Server Mindflayer

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    10.6K GS control wizard, with the Heavy Howler epic mount and dragonslayer title. It also has the epic gemmed shirt/pants and some of the best gear possible.

    The CW is known for making groups for and clearing castle never on my server. Server - mindflayer

    9.5k GS great weapon fighter, with the Heavy Armored Twilight(Most expensive mount in game)+ the heavy howler.It also has the nefarious belt of smiting(243 power 136 crit and an offense slot)and some t2/2nd best weapon ingame. It also has the rare companions,that also cost quite a bit Acolyte Of Kelemvor, and Ioun Stone Of Allure and the Jester's fashion set that cost around 5 million astral diamonds to get.

    Server - Mindflayer

    The account has over 2 million diamonds, 5 gold, and numerous titles.

    : motomi96
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.