1 of best Jedi Guardian's EU for sale - pvp server

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    I'm selling my beloved Jedi Guardian. This was the main tank for guild Glory, who were world third Nightmare full clears on 16 man. It also has the title for clearing Nightmare EV in less than 2 hours on 16 man. It has the big black racer mount (best in game) from 16 man Nightmare KP end boss. Tanking gear - Battlemaster tanking weapon (superior to pve rakata) Rakata shield Full Rakata tanking set (including boots and bracers) - most pieces have been modded for superior shield/block (getting rid of the surge/accuracy etc) 2 x Upgraded Columi tanking implants - I spent about 15 Alien Data cubes making these, they each have an augment slot giving about 141 stamina on each and far superior to Rakata ones. Columi Tanking earpiece Relic - choice of about 6-7, i made the shield/absorb Rakata relic and then changed to biochem and its still usable. I also have the one from Nightmare robot boss in KP, that grants loads of shield and absorb when hit. Basically its hard to be better geared than this - with buffs im over 24k hp with amazing shield absorb rating. The only none best in slot item is the earpiece. Dps gear - Rakata dps weapon Full Columi dps set. Enough tokens to buy the set again.... Pvp gear - Valor rank 62 Battlemaster rank. Have Tanking battlemaster chest, implants x 2, earpiece Dps battlemaster head, bracers, implants x 2, earpiece All other dps champion items. Some items are also modded with rakata level mods. A beast in pvp whether tanking or as dps. Professions - Biochem Bioanalysis Treasure hunting. Have pretty much all raid drop epic recipes for Biochem. Have Rakata medpack, tanking and dps stims and tanking and dps adrenals made. Mounts - The red brick mount from normal ev end boss The black racer mount from nightmare Kp endboss. Items/Currency - About 1 million credits i think, not sure. About 5 million credits worth of rakata mods from raids and rare raid drop mats. Have about 10 Alien Data cubes left to craft the rare Columi mods with possible augment slots! They sell for about 250k credits normally and 1million with an augment slot! About 20 Rakata mods from raid drops. (these are all BOE and have sold them for 350k) Other - Has most of the datacrons found including the 10+ all stats one. Character is on pvp server Niman, Eu. Hard to get better than this folks. Will leave open to offers for now and set a price sooner or later.
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