#1-220 Soldier, 210 Martial Artist #2-220 Doctor (+Alts & Twinks)

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    One of the best account ever to go up for sale, PAYPAL not accepted, can discuss other form of payments that is acceptable. I will not accept PAYPAL since if buyer reverse payment, there is nothing I can do but file fraud charges. I am taking offers, please drop me a PM if interested. ------------------------------------------------------ ###Account #1### 220 Soldier/25+ Alien Level RK1 Atlantean (currently using Range Energy/Pistol/Assualt Rifle Setup) No wasted IP but lacking a few IPR Superior Perennium Blaster Jobe Portal Guard Personal Pistol Kyr'Ozch Energy Pistol (QL300) All Garden + Sanctuary Keys 600m+ Credits Robust Backpack Living Dragon Body Armor Might of the Revenant Burden of Competence Shoulderplate of Sabotage Haidruff's Belt (APF Belt) Globe of Clarity x2 +1 Crit each Cross Dimensional Gyro of Gemini +25 evades Aquarius Multitask Helper +2% Crit Obitom's Nano Calculator +2% Crit Viral Targeting Subunit +15% Crit Aim of Libra +1% Crit Well balanced Spirit helper of Libra (NCU) Virgo Practical Spirit Helper (NCU) Cancer Timesaving Memory (NCU) Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of Leo (NCU) Sagitarius Hearty Spirit Helper (NCU) Viral Compiler QL300 OmniTek Award Exemplar (character have 2500+ tokens) Electrophoridae Gloves QL300 Cancer Ring of Circumspection +25 Rad/Energy Dmg Arul Saba Bracers (Lvl 202 Req) 3 Pairs - Energy, Radiation, Projectile. Fred Sleeves +22 Str/Stam All the twink Guns you will need. All the twink Armors you will need. (dillon, sekutek, etc) Med Suit, Treatment Lab, Coat, Helmet, Etc. +10 Artillery Ring Hold Hell at Bay (Pande Ring) Lava Protection and Skin Galvanizer (Inferno Boots) equiped with 210-240 Symbiant Set Combined Sharpshooter Helmet Combined Sharpshooter Jacket Combined Sharpshooter Sleeves x2 Combined Sharpshooter Pants Combined Sharpshooter Boots (primary Armor) Chosen Soldier Armor Set Azure Armor Set Omni Armed Force Armor Set Bellum Coat + Jacket (Unused Armor) Arithmetic Sleeve Arithmetic boots Arithmetic jacket (used for self buffing the 220 reflect) I have spend years making this character to what he is today, there are countless bags in the bank with god knows what. He is setup for good damage, tanking and survival. ------------------------------------------------------ 210+ Martial Artist/10+ Alien Level RK1 Atlantean Stripped Character but you can use the funds from the soldier to re-equip him and he'll be good to go, the perfect character, no wasted IP and have all IPR. Has Blades of Boltar x2 Has 1k Token Board with 1k+ Tokens ------------------------------------------------------ ###Account #2#### 220 Doctor/25+ Alien Level RK1 Atlantean No wasted IP but lacking a few IPR All Garden + Sanctuary Keys. Currently uses a QL220 Massive Bolt Charger Yutto's Modified NCU x2 Viral Memory NCU x2 Hardcore CPU Upgrade QL200 Viral Compiler QL300 Chosen Pads Scorpio Shell of Change Comfort of Sagitarius 1k Token Board (character have 1k+ Tokens) Leo Boots Arul Saba Bracers (+Rad Dmg) Arul Saba Bracers (+HP) Combined Paramedic Jacket, Gloves, Pants. Combined Officers Sleeves. Using a combination of QL250+ Implants and QL210-240 Symbiants Viral Targeting Scope +15% Critical Maar's Red Belt +50 Str/Stam +10 Support Ring Hold Hell at Bay (Pande Ring) Lava Protection and Skin Galvanizer (Inferno Boots) I have spent years making this character to what he is today, not much loot in bank since bulk of it is on the soldier, he is very well equipped and with a few item swapping, can be setup for top notch support damage + heal (sacrifice of lower HP) or Maximum HP but sacrifice some damage output (good when you are just healing you allies while they do all the work).
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