Sold 1.1 mill+ combat power server 1 vip 6 IOS

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    Level 156 account
    Vip 6 (11750 crystal purchase away from vip 7)
    Arena- Top 5
    Legion- Top 20
    Team arena- Top 5
    Guild wars- Got first last 2 times, before that usually ended up 2nd
    Other then regular arena all other above is cross server rankings.

    Den of Secrets- stage 431 tied for 1st
    Trials usually get to 80-90 rank top 10 in most of them
    Team: 5 10* and 1 9* just need 40 more mage license to get final 10* for main team
    Saw machine-10*
    Scarlet- 9*

    other units
    Centaur- 9*
    Luna- 9*
    Nameless king- 8*
    Heaven judge- 7*
    2x Megaw- 7*
    Olivia- 7*

    Lot of fodder left for other playerup and units if needed to work on message me on line: roreddy or on discord: roreddy#6297
    Considering serious offers as this is one of the best accounts in game not only in the server but all servers combined. I can provide pictures and willing to negotiate fell free to contact me. Please note this account can only be played on IOS server I am not sure what will happen if it gets transferred to android, and I would really like to not consider the option to go android as that could end badly for both me selling and the buyer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.