Selling  100000 Gems  1-60 Minutes ⧫ 100k Gems = $19.50 ⧫ [Trusted Seller] Fast Delivery Contact me please :)

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    My price for 100k gems is $19.50 if you are below 100m Might
    However, Gems available for every might range. For higher might than 100m contact me for prices.
    Big discounts on orders of 1 Mill or more.

    Things to know if you are new to buying gems:
    • In Lord Mobile you cannot transfer GEMS, they can only be sent as speedup, brave hearts, shield and etc..
    • We do not have to be in the same kingdom to transfer gems only the same guild
    Contact me to buy gems using Line or WhatsApp

    Line: connor5596
    WhatsApp: +1 781 825 5596

    Accepting payment through PayPal friends and family

    I also sell RSS and accounts and can find you anything you need :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.