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    2014 Total, 99 attack, 95 defence, 99 strength, 99 constitution, 86 ranged, 99 prayer 99 magic, 80 cooking, 87 Woodcutting, 91 fletching, 76 fishing, 90 firemaking, 75 crafting, 72 smithing, 64 mining, 99 herblore, 67 agility, 75 thieving, 68 slayer, 70 farming, 55 runecrafting, 55 hunter, 92 construction (AMAZING HOUSE MULTI-MILLIONS with multiple steel dragon pets!!), 70 Summoning, 52 dungeoneering. >>Sweet original one word display namemage/melee/mace, falador shield 3, unholy book (complete), holy book (complete), holiday items from 2006 and on (only missing chicken suit), full slayer helmet, seers headband 4, turkey drumsticks (considered 'rare'), veterans cape, 4+ every skillcape, 1.7K crimson charms, several other bonus charms, varrock armour 3, investigators cloak & magnifying glass, bandos godsword, etc, currently a member! In-game title 'Lionheart' (members loyalty programme). Most major quests series complete including; A Soul's Bane, A Tail of Two Cats, All Fired Up, Animal Magnetism, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Black Knights' Fortress, Buyers and Cellars, Cold War, Cook's Assistant, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Curse of Arrav, Death Plateau, Death to the Dorgeshuun, Defender of Varrock, Demon Slayer, Desert Treasure, Devious Minds, Dig Site, Doric's Quest, Dragon Slayer, Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse, Enlightened Journey, Ernest the Chicken, Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains, Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, Family Crest, Fight Arena, Fishing Contest, Fremennik Isles, Fur 'n' Seek, Garden of Tranquility, Gertrude's Cat, Ghosts Ahoy,Goblin Diplomacy, Haunted Mine, Hazeel Cult, Heroes' Quest, Holy Grail, Horror from the Deep, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Imp Catcher, In Pyre Need, Jungle Potion, Kennith's Concerns, King's Ransom, Legends' Quest, Lost City,Lunar Diplomacy, Making History, Meeting History, Merlin's Crystal, Missing My Mummy, Monk's Friend, Monkey Madness, Murder Mystery, Myths of the White Lands, Nature Spirit, Observatory Quest, One Small Favour, Perils of Ice Mountain, Pirate's Treasure, Plague City, Priest in Peril, Prince Ali Rescue, Rag and Bone Man, Rat Catchers, Recipe for Disaster, Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei, Recipe for Disaster: Dwarf,Recipe for Disaster: Evil Dave, Recipe for Disaster: Goblin Generals, Recipe for Disaster: Lumbridge Sage, Recipe for Disaster: Pirate Pete, Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze, Recipe for Disaster: Skrach, Recipe for Disaster: Starting Out, Recruitment Drive, Regicide, Rune Mysteries, Scorpion Catcher, Sea Slug, Shades of Mort'ton, Shadow of the Storm, Sheep Herder, Shield of Arrav, Shilo Village, Smoking Kills, Spirits of the Elid, Summer's End, Swept Away, Tale of the Muspah, Tears of Guthix, Temple of Ikov, The Blood Pact, The Eyes of Glouphrie, The Feud, The Fremennik Trials, The Grand Tree, The Hand in the Sand, The Knight's Sword, The Lost Tribe, The Restless Ghost, The Temple at Senntisten, The Tourist Trap, TokTz-Ket-Dill, Tree Gnome Village, Tribal Totem, Troll Romance,Troll Stronghold, Underground Pass, Unstable Foundations, Vampyre Slayer, Wanted!, Waterfall Quest, What Lies Below, Wolf Whistle, Slug Menace, Spirit of Summer, The Elemental Workshop I, The Golem, The Watchtower, Tower of Life, and Witch's House. QPs; 224. Never botted *seriously*, no blackmarks, ex player moderator. PM me for any additional details you require. Intending to use OMM unless you are seriously trusted (such as a market mod). Price is negotiable, no low-ball offers!! I'm in no rush to sell, so I am looking for the right offer, if I don't find one I won't sell the account at all.
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