Why is my credit / debit card being declined when trying to pay / checkout with middleman services?

Step 1: Call Your Bank
The most common reason that a customer is unable to complete the playerup middleman service checkout process using their credit/debit card is that their bank is declining the charge. Contact/call your bank, make sure that these attempted transactions are authorized/approved by your bank. Once your bank confirms your credit/debit card is eligible and able to make purchases, please recheckout again.

Step 2: Try Another Web Browser
If you're experiencing conflicts with the sellers checkout link, the most common reason is web browser related issues. In order to fix this issue, please try checking out again after 5 minutes. If the problem continues to occur, try using another web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Opera, or Microsoft Edge. If the problems continues to occur, please provide us the payment method you're trying to checkout with and we will send a new link for you to checkout with that is fully functional.

Step 3: Remove All Add On Packages
If you're still having issues despite calling your bank, please remove all "Add On Packages" from your cart and try checking out again.

Step 4: Purchase PlayerUp Credit Instead
If you're still having issues, then their maybe an issue with the buy now link created. Try purchasing PlayerUp Credit. Once you have purchased PlayerUp Credit, activate your order, use PlayerUp as the sellers username and then credit will be applied to your PlayerUp Account. From there, you can open an Use Credits ticket and purchase this item.

Step 5: Try Another Credit/Debit Card Payment Processor
Lastly, you can always try using another payment option. PayPal, Skrill, Amazon all accept credit/debit cards. Additionally, we offer an alternative direct credit card processor. You can find this alternative credit card processor by clicking on the "Cards International" payment option under the "All Other Payment Options" category when checking out.