Why Is My Account Flagged High Risk?

What does a High Risk badge look like?


What do High Risk accounts mean?

Accounts that have a high risk badge mean one or more of the following reasons:

Most Likely Reasons
Less Likely Reasons
  • The account was "reported" too many times by other members over a short period of time.
  • The account has been flagged by our systems which detected that the user has created more than 1 account.
  • The account member has failed verification.
  • The account has been found mass spamming the website.
  • The account member when signing up to the website entered fake information.
  • The account member is connected with potential fraud.
How do I remove a High Risk badge from my account?
How can I contact support to remove a High Risk badge from my account?
Does that mean a High Risk member cannot be trusted?
No. It means to proceed with caution as their account has been flagged for the reasons stated above.