I have paid middleman directly using my credit card & still waiting for my order?

If you paid by credit card directly using PlayerUp Middleman Services and still waiting for your order to activate/startup, then you don't need to do anything but wait until middleman inspect and activate your order. During this time, @middleman could reach out to the seller in order to make sure they're available to make this delivery. If you want to help speed up the process, you can communicate through your Pre Order Middleman Ticket. If you didn't upload any form of verification documents, you can upload them as well to your Pre Order Middleman Ticket.

Please also note that your actual credit/debit card payment should show as processing/pending on your online credit/debit card summary statement. One of the benefits of using PlayerUp Middleman Services and paying by direct credit card is we will NOT charge you until the seller delivers giving you the comfort of knowing that you don't owe your bank any money until the transaction is officially complete. If in event the seller fails to deliver, then the authorization (pending/processing) charge you see on your online summary statement currently will be removed shortly afterwards.