How does the middleman balance wallet work?

Middleman Balance Wallet Added
We have successfully added a middleman wallet balance to all accounts which can be found in the upper right corner under CREDITS or when viewing your Transaction page.

What is the Credits Wallet Balance?
The credits wallet balance is used to freely transfer credits among other members or to @Middleman, buy credits, earn free credits, purchase any products or cashout for a cash payment.

What is the Middleman Wallet Balance?
The middleman wallet balance is used to store funds sellers are due from middleman transactions before a payment is released to the seller. The wallet helps you track how much you are due and view all your transactions through a detailed transaction page. Alerts are sent to you when a deposit has been made to your middleman wallet. Middleman wallets cannot be cashed out or used to purchase products unlike the credit wallet balance. Sellers don't need to do anything different than they did before. The point of the middleman wallet is purely for tracking your payments due and viewing all your past middleman transactions. Payments are disbursed the same way as before but this time we manually remove your middleman wallet balance once your payment has been sent by Middleman Support. The middleman wallet is completely secure and cannot be exploited at anytime due to the ability to use and cash out the funds being non existent. Think of this new wallet as just an improvement over the previous system and you as a seller don't need to do anything different. It just makes it easier for sellers.

What is the plan with the middleman wallet balance?
For casual sellers who simply are selling 1 item and have a quick sending payment option they likely will not use this wallet balance nor need it for tracking. For sellers who have 2 or more middleman transactions or have a payment that may require additional time to send, we will start making deposits to your middleman wallet balance prior to a payment being sent so you can receive your balance due and view in details your transactions from the detailed transaction page. Since this just launched you may not see any updates to your middleman wallet balance initially.

With the way the industry is changing, having online wallets is becoming more common and so we have added a wallet system and plan to make more changes in the future to this system. Additionally, longterm we plan to integrate this wallet into a more automated new middleman system we plan to release in the future here. This was recommended in the suggestions section here.