Guide - Multiple Accounts Security Tool

What is the Multiple Accounts Security Tool feature?
This feature will allow you to view if other members have multiple PlayerUp Accounts when viewing their profile. This security tool helps you detect and filter fraud for members who try to create multiple accounts after being previously suspended or banned with another account. While typically our system will ban these members automatically, occasionally some members need to be manually reviewed. This feature will allow you to review them first before the moderators manually go in and review them.

What does this tool do exactly?
This tool works alongside the IP Detection Tool released last year. This tool scans multiple factors beyond IPs to detect if the person is affiliated with another account previously created. The reason for this tool is that members who create multiple accounts should be considered High Risk as we have a 1 account rule limit and 98% of the time when someone creates multiple accounts the reason is that they have previously been banned or are attempting to use multiple accounts to fraud others. If you see another member that is using multiple accounts, recommendation is to process the transaction through PlayerUp Middleman Services or request that they are verified before doing business with them.

Where can I view this feature?
  • Click on the members username
  • View their profile

Which members can view this feature?
  • Premium
  • Premium Pro
Why is this feature only available for those specific membership groups above?
This feature is currently in alpha testing. We plan to make this option available for all usergroups Verified and above in the future with further development.