Membership Plans


 Credits: Cashout Credits Balance
 Credits: Cashout Middleman Balance
 Credits: Credits Balance Enabled
 Credits: Credits Tools Enabled
 Credits: Earn Free Credits (more info)
 Credits: Free Credit Transfers
 Credits: Middleman Balance Enabled
 Credits: Rewards Balance Enabled
 Credits: Transaction Log Control Panel
 Credits: Transfer Credits to Other Members
 Credits: Use Credits On Items
 Inbox: Access/Delete Conversations
 Inbox: Chat Messenger Enabled
 Inbox: Contact Facebook Members
 Inbox: Middleman Transaction Enabled
 Inbox: Search/Filter Conversations
 Inbox: Start Private Conversations
 Inbox: Store Up To 25 Conversations
 Posting: Bump Thread Option Enabled
 Posting: Connect With Thousands of Gamers
 Posting: Add/Edit/Remove Bookmarks
 Posting: Create Support Tickets
 Posting: Lock Threads
 Posting: Manual Bumping Option
 Posting: No Restrictions or Limitations
 Posting: Unlimited Posts/Threads Allowed
 Posting: Tag Members (# and @)
 Posting: Who Viewed Thread
 Profile: 2 Step Verificaton
 Profile: Account Management Access
 Profile: Avatars Upload
 Profile: Attachments Upload
 Profile: Banned Members List View
 Profile: Browser Tab Notifications
 Profile: Change Settings
 Profile: Followers Add/Remove
 Profile: Login Sessions
 Profile: Middleman Buyer Tools
 Profile: Middleman Seller Tools
 Profile: Notifications
 Profile: Shop Page
 Profile: Shop Page Banner/Tools
 Profile: Social Contact Icons
 Profile: Security/Site Tools
 Reputation: Add/Receive Feedback
 Reputation: Customize Feedback Page
 Signature: Add Email Address
 Signature: Add Messenger Contact
 Signature: Customize/Edit
 Unlocked: Facebook API Enabled
 Unlocked: Facebook Authentication Enabled
 Unlocked: Facebook Contact Members
 Unlocked: Facebook Integration Enabled
 Unlocked: Google API Enabled
 Unlocked: Google Authentication Enabled
 Unlocked: Google Integration Enabled
 Unlocked: Steam Authentication Enabled
 Unlocked: Twitter Authentication Enabled
 Unlocked: Twitter API Enabled
 Unlocked: Twitter Integration Enabled
 Inbox: Store Up to 1,000 Conversations
 Inbox: Use Custom Filter
 Middleman: Faster Transactions
 Middleman: No Verification Required
 Posting: Access New Tools
 Posting: Ban Members From Posting
 Posting: Custom Links Enabled
 Posting: Edit Body Enabled
 Posting: Edit Thread Title
 Posting: Manage Reply Bans
 Posting: Shorter Delays Between Posting
 Profile: No Account Restrictions
 Profile: No Profile Picture Restrictions
 Reputation: Import Feedback
 Security: View Members Locations
 Signature: Add Image Enabled
 Signature: Add Custom URL Enabled
 Signature: Increased Rows/Characters
 Support: Increased Priority Ticket Support
 Unlocked: Desktop Notifications
   Unlocked: Mobile Notifications
 Unlocked: Push Notifications
   Upgrade: Verified Banner Added
 Inbox: Create Filters
 Inbox: Create Participant Groups
 Inbox: Edit Conversations
 Inbox: Lock Conversations
 Inbox: Schedule Conversations
 Inbox: Sticky Conversations
 Inbox: Store Up to 10,000 Conversations
 Posting: Delete Posts
 Posting: Delete Threads
 Posting: Edit Posts
 Posting: Edit Threads
 Posting: Hide Games
 Posting: Ignore Games
 Posting: Ignore Sections
 Posting: Ignore Threads
 Posting: Merge Posts
 Posting: Merge Threads
 Posting: Move Posts
 Posting: Move Threads
 Posting: No Delays Between Posting
 Posting: Undelete Posts
 Posting: Undelete Threads
 Profile: Increased Avatar Size
 Profile: Increased Profile Picture
 Reputation: Feedback Removal Request
 Security: Detect Multiple Accounts
 Security: Fraud Prevention Tools Unlocked
 Security: View Country Flags
 Security: View Members Countries
 Signature: Add Multiple URLs
 Signature: Increased Lines/Characters
 Support: Increased Priority Ticket Support
 Upgrade: Access to Beta Section
 Upgrade: Access to Free Section
 Upgrade: Access to Premium Section
 Upgrade: Change Username Enabled
 Upgrade: Inactive Username Takeover
 Upgrade: Premier Banner Added
 Upgrade: Username Color Changes
   Inbox: Automated Conversation Replies
   Inbox: Canned Conversation Replies
   Inbox: Create Prefixes
   Inbox: Schedule Conversations
   Posting: Bump Threads Automated
   Posting: Bump Threads Scheduling
   Posting: Canned Post Replies
   Posting: Free Sticky Thread Requests
   Posting: HTML Enabled For Posts
   Posting: HTML Enabled For Threads
   Posting: Schedule Threads
   Posting: Schedule Threads Bulk Option
   Security: Multi-Account Detection Enabled
   Support: #2 Highest Priority Ticket Support
   Upgrade: Allowed 1 Additional Account
   Upgrade: Hide IP Address
   Upgrade: Pro Seller Banner Added
   Upgrade: Unban Account Request
   Marketing: Facebook Bump Advertisement
   Marketing: Facebook Paid Advertisement
   Marketing: Facebook Sticky Advertisement
   Marketing: Instagram Basic Advertisement
   Marketing: Instagram Paid Advertisement
   Marketing: LinkedIn Basic Advertisement
   Marketing: LinkedIn Paid Advertisement
   Marketing: Twitter Paid Advertisement
   Marketing: YouTube Basic Advertisement
   Marketing: YouTube Paid Advertisement
   Middleman: Seller Fees Drop
   Middleman: Additional Seller Saving Options
   Middleman: Buyer Insurance Bonus
   Middleman: Buyer Other Refund Fees Drop
   Middleman: Buyer PayPal Fees 0%
   Middleman: Buyer PayPal Refund Fees 0%
   Middleman: Cashback Options
   Middleman: Cashback Buyer Cancellations
   Middleman: Cashback Seller Cancellations
   Middleman: Choose Buyer Payment Options
   Middleman: Faster Payments
   Middleman: PlayerUp Credit Reduces Fees
   Middleman: VIP Eligible
   Posting: Free Sticky Threads
   Posting: Ignore Games
   Posting: Moderate Your Threads
   Support: Tickets Labeled MM Priority
   Upgrade: Seller Rank Banner Added
   Marketing: Twitter Bump Advertisement
   Marketing: Twitter Sticky Advertisement
   Middleman: Fastest Payments Possible
   Middleman: Free Insurance Every Order
   Middleman: No Upfront Payment
   Middleman: We Find You A Buyer or Seller
   Middleman: We Handle All Customer Support
   Middleman: We Handle All Requests
   Middleman: We Handle All Transactions
   Middleman: We List Your Products For Sale
   Middleman: We Will Promote Your Threads
   Support: Live Chat Support Enabled
 Support: Tickets Labeled VIP Priority
   Support: Phone Support Enabled
 Upgrade: Username Color Changes
   Upgrade: VIP Banner Added
 All Prices Are USD