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Conquer the Vaults of Destiny: Buying, Selling, and Trading Raid Boosting Services

Destiny 1's iconic raids, like Vault of Glass and Crota's End, continue to offer challenging encounters and coveted rewards. However, these feats require teamwork, coordination, and mastery of the game's mechanics. For some Guardians, achieving such feats solo is an insurmountable task. This is where raid boosting services come into play, offering a quicker path to raid completion and loot acquisition.

What are Raid Boosting Services?

Raid boosting services provide experienced players who guide you through Destiny 1 raids. These services offer various options, including:

  • Full raid completion: Guides carry you through the entire raid, ensuring victory and loot acquisition.
  • Specific encounter assistance: Get help with particularly challenging sections of the raid.
  • Teaching and learning: Learn raid mechanics and strategies from experienced players.

Benefits of Raid Boosting:

  • Guaranteed completion: Conquer challenging raids regardless of skill level.
  • Time-saving: Efficiently complete raids without dedicating hours to learning and attempting them.
  • Improved skills: Learn raid mechanics and improve your gameplay through observation and guidance.
  • Stress-free experience: Avoid the frustration of repeated failures and enjoy a smooth raid completion.

Risks of Raid Boosting:

  • Account suspension: Bungie prohibits account sharing and may suspend accounts associated with boosting activity.
  • Scam risk: Unsavory individuals may steal account information or fail to deliver promised services.
  • High cost: Reputable services can be expensive, making them inaccessible to some players.
  • Loss of enjoyment: Skipping the challenge and learning process can diminish the sense of accomplishment.

Navigating the Market:

  • Reputation matters: Choose services with a proven track record and positive community feedback.
  • Verify credentials: Ensure boosters are experienced and have completed the raid numerous times.
  • Clear communication: Discuss the service details, raid mechanics, and communication methods beforehand.
  • Secure payment: Utilize secure platforms and avoid sharing sensitive information with unfamiliar individuals.
  • Stay updated: Be aware of Bungie's policies and terms of service regarding boosting activities.

Alternatives to Boosting:

  • Find a team: Join a clan or online communities to find players of similar skill levels willing to collaborate.
  • Practice and learn: Watch guides, study raid mechanics, and gain experience through practice.
  • Utilize resources: LFG platforms, Discord servers, and online guides offer valuable information and assistance.
  • Enjoy the journey: Focus on the learning process, the camaraderie of teamwork, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges.


Raid boosting services can be a valuable resource for Guardians seeking efficient raid completion and coveted rewards. However, approaching this market requires caution and due diligence. Choose reputable services, prioritize clear communication, and stay informed about Bungie's policies. Remember, while boosting offers a shortcut, the true satisfaction lies in mastering the challenges and conquering the raids with your own skills and teamwork. So, whether you choose to utilize boosting services or embark on the journey yourself, enjoy the experience and create your own legend within the world of Destiny 1.




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