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Selling WTT Lvl 86 RS2 acc and possibly 32+ WoW acc for GW...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/6/13.

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    WTT Lvl 86 RS2 acc and possibly 32+ WoW acc for GW acc I am wanting to trade either a Wow acct with a lvl 32 horde pally, 2 level 10's and more. or a lvl86 on Runescape. The link for my runescape char- ( hiscore.runescape/hiscorepersonal.ws ) The link for my WoW Pally- ( wowarmory/character-shee ... ash&n=Tpot ) If you are interested you can e-mail me at drafter1000@live or send me a message on here. If possible could you add a screenshot or two of your chars. (optional) Tell if you'd rather have the RS2 acc or the WoW acc. If you acct is good enough i will trade both.!!!! Thanks :D WTT WoW Account for GW account I want to trade my World of warcraft account with 70 undead rogue full epic PvP gear 450 resilence 2/5 S3 3/5 S2 vindicators + veterans for a cool =) Guild Wars account !!! post here or PM if you are interesed (with your /AIM) WTS guildwars (proph, fact, night, EoTN) 20 ranger/rit $20!! Ranger/rit 20 prophecies, factions, nightfall, eye of the north plaync linked 20 dollars takes it all Paypal only email: gamepal1@ or post here WTT WoW for all GW keys I would like to trade my active PVE WoW with the following toons for all of the GW CD keys lvl 80 human male DK with Bloodsail Admiral title, armored bear mount, great gemmed and enchanted DPS gear & weapons, very rare Green proto drake flyer (from oracle egg), and an oracle egg in the bank that is ready to open. He doesn't have artisan flying skills yet so the drake is in the bank for when you get the skills. 450 mining/450 skinning. He also knows the recipe for savory deviate delight. lvl 60 draenei male hunter with great gear, rare "bananas" loot card pet, regular ground mount, wolpertinger pet, 275 enchanting with plenty of mats. lvl 58 draenei male shaman with loot card points tabard, 365 JC, good gear, and tons of sellables lvl 46 BE male Hunter with 350 mining/350 skinning, good gear, and plenty of mats lvl 26 BE male Pally with good gear Other lvl 20+ alts with some twinked out....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.