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Selling WTT: League of legends for dcu lifetime...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'DC Universe Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by DC Universe Accounts - Buy and Sell, 1/10/13.

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    WTT: League of legends for dcu lifetime paid!!!!!!!!!! i got 54 champs and 3 pages of runes cost over 30000ip spend 30$ on champs and stuff wisp me if you are interesting spend 2 years of playing Champions are:ezreal,annie,corki(UFO skin),alistar,gangplank(full crit runes for him),akali,amumu,ashe,caitlyn,mundo,evelynn,fiddle sticks,garen,jax,karma,karthus(ap,magic pen runes),kassadin,katarina,kayle,kennen,kog maw(my favorite),leblanc,lux,malphite,master yi,nasus,nidalee,nunu,olaf,panteon,renekton,ryze,s haco,singed,sion,sivir,soraka,taric,teemo,tristana ,tryndamere,twisted fate,twitch,udyr,veigar(OP champ),warwick,xin zhao and zilean maybe i missed few of them---------ap,magic pen rune,and crit runes(tier3) and some IP boost on acc i think 1 or 2 skin too
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.