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Selling WTT: EQ2 or sell I have a eq2 account it has -90...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/26/13.

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    WTT: EQ2 or sell I have a eq2 account it has -90 bruiser on Butcherblock mostly all fabled -90 Swashy on Butcherblcok mostly all fabled -39 warden,39 ranger both twinked on Butcherblock -52 Swashy on Naggy -39 wizzy on AB server I want any lvl 90 on naggy that has decent gear i am hoping for a 90 sk or zerker but tell me what u got also willing to sell WTS: EQ1 Project 1999 Platinum I have a limited amount of platinum available for sale on Project 1999. Please inquire for prices and fast delivery. Thank you. WTS: Project 1999 50 Mage I have a lvl 50 Mage on Project 1999 for sale. Fully geared in INT/HP/MANA gear. PM me for details. Looking to sell it cheap and fast. WTT: Looking to trade my rift account for a eq2 one i have a lvl 50 warrior with high end dps gear and ok tanking gear i am looking for at less a lvl 80 eq2 account WTS: (EQ) lvl 90 DE mage i have a lvl 90 DE mage very well geared right around 43k mana pm me if intrested in seeing ingame i dont do manglo just as easy to show ingame or on eqplayers. WTS: eq2x lvl 90 palladin I have a lvl 90 paladin for sale on the eq2 f2p server he has silver account unlocked and lots of other classes and races unlocked pst me with offer need to sell quick PAYPAL ONLY and only people that have had more than one rating no new members please WTS: Eq Ez Server Emu I have three top notch toons for sale. Warrior: full t4 gear. duel welding 4.0s, has roa 100 and ultimate charm, with cazic thule familiar and cler buffs he is sitting at 296k hp Rogue: full t4 gear. duel welding 4.0s with a ninjastrike V and icestrike in each weapon, has roa 100 and ultimate charm. hes sitting at about 240k hp. Cleric full t4 gear. has 4.0 mace all aug'd with icestrikes for kill dps also has 3.0 shield in offhand. has roa 100 and ultimate charm, he is sitting at about 230k hp. this small group of 3 toons alone can crush through t4 content easy. you will not find much better toons anywhere on the server. I have many other toons there...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.