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Selling WTT: 85 War 20792 AA 10 year Vet account I'm...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 3/6/13.

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    WTT: 85 War 20792 AA 10 year Vet account I'm looking to trade my War for either an SK, Enc or Necro.Must be level 85 plus with good amount of AA and a T5 merc as my warrior has one. Troll war on antonious bayle server has many illusions and other clicky stuff Bridle of the Cursed Kirin:Summons a very fast mount this is worth $75 alone. Familiar of King Gelaqua,frost bone skel and many other illusions. Has all expansions Hp around 36k and 4200Ac,but very easy to get gear in Hot.This is a great tank with almost 3k AA and has all group AA,s too. War is transferable and also has a 67 mag on the account. WTS: EQ1 Level 60 Epic Druid/Level 60 Epic Ranger -- Separate Accounts (VULAK -- PROGRESSION) I'm quitting the game and as such my accounts are now going up for sale. I have my main, which is a level 60 epic druid. He has a great server reputation and was in the best guild on the server since before Kunark release. As mentioned, he has his epic as well as lots of other great gear. His WIS is also maxed. Also looking to offload my level 60 epic ranger. I started him as an alt, but I finished his epics so he's great DPS now. He is equipped in all great Kunark gear (fungi, cloak of crystalline waters, etc) The druid account also has around 12k plat on it, which I'd also be up for selling that individually if anyone is interested. PM me here for more info if you're interested. I am the original owner of both accounts. I will also sell them at a premium price as a packaged deal if you're interested in both. Great way to start off on Vulak! WTS: or WTT level 50 Dark Elf Sk- Vulak (Progression server) I'm selling a level 50 SK with 4 piece planar gear (Umbral Plat) and rest droppable auction loot, on Vulak`Aerr the time locked progression server. Kunark is going to be released in about a week and a half. I would be willing to trade for either a WoW account with Cataclysm, or a Rift account. I've got verified paypal, I'm also original owner of the account with SQ...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.