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WTT: 60 AMAZINGLY Geared NA Elyos Sorc for Sin/Templar With Equal or Greater GearMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/27/13.

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    Sorcerer level 60 Tiamat NA Elyos: PvP Sets: Weapons: +15 Kahrun's Tome (60c2 Combine) Full Magical Accuracy +14 +10 Vasharti's Jewel (60c1 Combine PvP/PvE use) Full Magic Boost +27 Set 1 (Main Set, With Kahrun Book Stats: 2,474 Magic Boost | 2,049 Magical Accuracy | 9,719 HP | 1,747 Magic Resist | 1,384 Magic Suppression): +10 Guardian Commanders Divine Tunic +10 Guardian Commanders Divine Leggings +10 Guardian Commanders Divine Shoes +10 Guardian Commanders Divine Pauldrons +10 Guardian Commanders Divine Gloves GCD Necklace/Earrings Guardian Brigade General's Ring (more concentration) Siel's Ring of Magic (Better overall ring) Karvo's Bandana Set 2 (Secondary Set, With Kahrun Book Stats: 2,120 Magic Boost | 2,171 Magical Accuracy | 9,208 HP | 1,734 Magic Resist | 1,340 Magic Suppression): +5 Gonon's Tunic (Full Magical Accuracy +14) +5 Gonon's Leggings (Full Magic Boost +27) +5 Gonon's Shoes (Full Magic Boost +27) +5 Gonon's Pauldrons (Full Magical Accuracy +14) +5 Gonon's Gloves (Full Magical Accuracy +14) (Same Accessories) PvE Set: Kahrun Set (Main PvE Set, With Vash Orb Stats: 3,230 Magic Boost | 1,656 Magical Accuracy | 8,987 HP | 1,785 Magic Resist | 1,309 Magic Suppression): Kahrun's Tunic (Full Magic Boost +27) Kahrun's Leggings(Full Magic Boost +27) Kahrun's Shoes (Full Magic Boost +27) Kahrun's Pauldrons(Full Magic Boost +27) Kahrun's Gloves (Full Magic Boost +27) Kahrun's Full Accessories (Including Hat) Crafts: 453 Alchemy 491 Aethertapping Wings: Ancient Spirit's Wings Reian Elite Soldier's Wings Storm Wings Mounts: Pagati Veyron Sharptooth Airspike Triumphant Legion's War Steed Sharptooth Ripper 10 Pets Extras: 966,383 Abyss Points 2 3760 GOLD Fire Godstones 1 1880 GOLD Water Godstone 1 376 GOLD Earth Godstone 2 6sec Stun BLUE Godstones 64,905 Crucible Insignias 13,505 Courage Insignias 200 Mithril Medals 64 Arena of Glory Tickets ALOT of Food About 250mil Kinah Looking for an Equally or Greater Geared Templar or Assassin PM Me here or add me on : Merceedeeez
Thread Status:
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