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WTS/WTT Gamezaion account.Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/26/13.

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    As title says, i'm looking forward to trade my Gamez Aion account for an Infinite Aion one. The reason is simple: i've always been an Infinite Aion player, but after the wipe i was lazy enough not to gear up again my chars, and it's pretty hard for me now to get involved in the server's business. On the other hand, i did already have an account on Gamez, and i simply decided to keep going on that account, which is now very well set up. Though i want to get back to Infinite Aion, so this is why i want to trade my account. I either want to sell this or just trade it for a good IA account. Before i start listing all the things, i'd like to say that my Gamez account was created when still you could have both races on the same account (which is impossible now), and i've been smart enough to keep one asmo character between all the other elyos characters, so that you can still create either asmodians or elyos characters. Last but not least, the account has VIP status until 30th October 2011. Ok so the account is on Siel server, and consists of: Chars: Lvl 55 Gladiator Elyos Lvl 55 Sorcerer Elyos Lvl 55 Chanter Elyos Lvl 55 Spiritmaster Elyos Lvl 55 Cleric Elyos Lvl 55 Templar Elyos (master cooking) Lvl 55 Cleric Asmodian As for the gear, it's just enough to pass the equipment through Account Warehouse, and you can basically play with every character. The gear i'm carrying among all of them is: Full Guardian Primus Pilus's Plate set (all pieces enchanted +15 fully socketed with Attack+5/Crit+17/Hp+95) Full Guardian Primus Pilus's Cloth set (all pieces enchanted +15 fully socketed with Mboost+27/Macc+14) Full Enraged Mastarius's Chain set (all pieces enchanted +15 fully socketed with Mres+14) Full Master Carved Drenium Chain set (all pieces enchanted +15 fully socketed with Mres+14) Full Master Noble Firm Leather set (all pieces enchanted +15 socketed with Crit+17) Full Guardian Primus Pilus's Turquoise accessories set (2x earrings, 2x rings, 1x necklace, 1x belt, 1x bandana) Full Archon Brigade General's Corundum accessories set except the belt (2x earrings, 2x rings, 1x necklace, 1x helm) 1x Guardian Tribunus's Leather Belt 2x Guardian Tribunus's Ruby earrings 2x Guardian Tribunus's Ruby rings 1x Archon Brigade General's Jewel (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Mboost+27 fused with Yamennes's Orb socketed with Macc+14 - Paralyze 2% godstone) 1x Guardian Primus Pilus's Orb (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Macc+14) 1x Guardian Primus Pilus's Longbow (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Crit+17) 1x Guardian Primus Pilus's Warhammer (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Crit+17 - Blindness 10 seconds 10% rate godstone) 1x Guardian Primus Pilus's Greatsword (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Crit +17 fused with Yamennes's Greatsword socketed with Crit +17 - Silence 10 seconds 10% godstone) 1x Ice Black Spear (Bakarma, extends) which is one of the most god dayum rare spears of the whole server (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Crit+17 fused with Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Spear socketed with Attack+15 – blindness 10 seconds 10% godstone) 1x Tahabata's Warhammer (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Macc+14) 1x Master Horned Dragon's Emperor Shield (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Macc+14) 1x Tahabata's Shield (enchanted +15 fully socketed with Mres+14) x10.000 Major Divine Life Serums (abyss) x10.000 Major Divine Mana Serums (abyss) x10.000 Major Divine Flight Serums (abyss) About 50 billions Kinah (yes, fcking 50kkk) Scrolls in various quantity Physical and Magical yellow food in various quantity __________________________________________________ ____________ Ok so this is basically what i own on that account. I'm willing to trade it to anyone who's got a nice and interesting account (i'm a sorcerer as main, so that would be great to have one well geared) on Infinite Aion, or just for a nice real money offer (EUR). No noobs. No scammers. If you're interested send me a PM, thank you. Free bumps are appreciated.
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