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Selling WTS: Vulak - 50 Enchanter - 20,000pp - Original...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/25/13.

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    WTS: Vulak - 50 Enchanter - 20,000pp - Original Owner - TOP Tradeskiller I am the original owner of this account. Up for sale: account on TLP server Vulak`Aerr, which includes the following: 50 Enchanter - enchanter is a top tradeskiller serverwide - many tradeskill items in bank and on alts for earning platinum and skilling up - 20,000pp will be included in the auction as well Also a monk and warrior alt, twinked in full crafted armor / fine plat, and wu's armor, as well as jewelry. ATTENTION: I will leave EVERYTHING on the account, no transferring platinum, items, or anything of the sort, if you buy for the price im looking to get, which is somewhere in the realm of $400. That price is flexible. I would rather not piece out the account, so feel free to make me an offer if you are interested. ...If you want ONLY the enchanter, and not the extra items/gear/platinum/alts, I could transfer him to a fresh account. In that case, I would be willing to sell the enchanter for $250, which would cover the $40 for a new account and $25 for character account transfer. It is a huge hassle, so I would rather sell the whole thing together. PM me if interested or if you have any questions/comments, thank you for your time. WTS: EQ1 Project 1999 Custom Account I custom make accounts all race/class combination any class any level Send me a PM to get started on the details WTS: EQ2 selling fully DOV geared zerker i got a full set of the warlord armor the defender of frozen aura gear looped belt of sacifice ring of sleetsaber guard bow of zealousness and alot more including some rare items like avatar gear so he is pretty decked out a few nice alts also but nothing special also got alot of plat on all the toons this is a pretty much elite tank so only serious offers please WTS: EQ1 END GAME wizzard(second account, SK) I have 2 accounts for sale the first one is a wizard. 64k mana unbuffed. almost all T3/4 gear. flagged for everything in game. best augs...
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