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[WTS] [US] Kannagi acctMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'FFXI Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by FFXI Accounts, 4/19/12.

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    Hume M Bald black tattoo
    90 Nin, Rdm, Blm, Brd, Thf
    Sub+: Drk, Sam, Whm, War, Pld, Smn

    I'm the original owner
    taking offers

    85 kannagi
    Thiefs knife(Treasure hunter +1)
    8/8 HQ staves
    Vermeil bhuj(45 war)
    Scathaca(60 sam)

    Iga Zukin +2
    Duelists Chapeau
    Goetia head +2
    Aoidos calot +2
    Estoqueuer's Chappel +1
    Creed Armet +1
    Raider's bonnet +1
    Optical hat
    Aias bonnet
    Bersail cap
    Twilight helm
    Veloce Zuchetto
    Hero's galea
    Warlock's Chapeau

    Iga ningi +2
    Goetia coat+1
    Duelist's tabard
    Warlock's tabard
    rapparee harness
    Augur's jasaran
    Koenig Cuirass
    Homam Corazza
    Iron Ram Hauberk
    Loki's kaftan
    Ninja chainmail
    scorpion harness +1

    Goetia cuffs +2
    Dusk gloves
    Assassin's armlets(Treasure hunter +1)
    Hecatomb mittens
    valor gauntlets
    koenig handschuhs
    Eradico mitts
    Serpentes cuffs
    Augur's gloves
    Choral cuffs +1
    Zenith mitts
    duelist's gloves
    Homam Manolpolas

    Iga hakama +2
    Goetia Chausses +2
    Estoqueuer's fuseau +1
    Aoidos' rhingrave +1
    Creed cuisses +1
    raider's culottes +1
    Homam Cosciales
    Crimson Cuisses
    Morigan's slops
    Zenith slacks
    Byakko's haidate
    Ambusher hose
    ocelot trousers
    Tumbler trunks
    Aurum cuisses

    Raider's poulaines +2(treasure hunter +1)
    Creed sabots +1
    Goetia sabots +1
    Estoqueuer's Houseaux +1
    Iga kyahan +1
    Aoidos' cothurnes +1
    Danzo sunate
    Homam Gambieras
    Skadi's jambeaux
    Theurgia clogs
    Goliard clogs
    Morigan's Pigaches
    Serpentes sabots
    duelist's boots
    lithe boots
    Ninja kyahan
    Gallant leggings

    Atheling mantle
    Searing cape
    Hecate's cape
    Estoqueuer's cape
    Twilight cape
    Iga Dochugappa
    Altruistic cape
    Prism cape
    Forager's mantle
    Assassin's cape

    Twilight belt
    Bullwhip belt
    Swift belt
    Shadow belt
    Soil belt
    Warwolf belt
    Cognition belt
    Theta sash
    Creed baudrier
    Hyorin/Raitin/Anrin obis

    Iga erimaki
    Peacock charm
    Goetia chain
    Soil gorget
    Twilight torque
    Parade gorget
    Aoidos' matinee
    Uggalepih pendant
    Morgana's choker
    Chivalrous chain

    Ethereal earring
    Brutal earring
    Pixie earring
    Musical earring
    Hecate's earring
    Moldavite earring

    Epona's ring
    Raja's ring
    Meridian ring
    Aquilo's ring x2
    Sorcerer's ring
    Minstrels ring
    Bifrost ring
    Bombqueen ring
    Omega ring
    Jelly ring
    Patronus ring

    Atmas I'll name the bigger ones as i have over 35.
    RR VV Apoc Beyond Ultimate Dread(treasure hunter +1) Stormbird Discernment(gives hints for !!)

    4/4 celerity

    For anything else pm or reply and I'll get back to you asap.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.