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Selling wts my account eu west,99 champions and 86 skins,7...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Fan Yujie, 7/6/13.

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  1. Fan Yujie
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    wts my account eu west,99 champions and 86 skins,7 rune page , I spend more then 500 pounds in it and ill sell it for 180 pounds, pm me for more info not owned:heimerdinger kogmaw malzahar olaf rengar rumble swain syndra thresh trundle viktor zac skins:foxfire, bloomoon akali, longhorn/infernal alistar,g oth/reverse/annie, freljord/woad/queen/amethyst ashe boomboom blitz cryocore brand sheriff/arctic warfare/officer caitlyn siren/mythic cassiopeia jurassic chogath gladiator draven shadow evelynn frosted/PULSEFIRE ez spectral fiddlesticks nightraven/headmistress fiora special forces gangplank commando/dreadknight garen hired gun graves nightblade/aviator/infiltrator/frostblade irelia frost queen janna commando jarvan pre-void kassadin bilgewater/slay belle katarina judgment/AETHER WING kayle wicked leblanc traditional/muay thai lee sin iron solari leona wicked/dragon trainer lulu sorceress/spellthief/commando/ lux assassin yi secret agent/road warrior/mafia miss fortune pentakill mordekaiser blackthorn morgana pharaoh/headhunter nidalee bladecraft orianna myrmidon/glaive warrior pantheon scarlet hammer poppy molten/full metal rammus outback/bloodfury renekton crimson elite/ballte bunny riven sabretusk/darkrider/traditional sejuani blood moon shen ironscale/boneclaw/darkflame shyvana bandit sivir muse sona divine soraka armor of the fifth age taric cottontail/panda teemo underworld twisted fate heartseeker vayne vandal vladimir tundra hunter/firefang/hyena warwick wildfire zyra
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.