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WTS: League of Legends account with nice skins!Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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  1. LoL

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    Well this account is curently in silver 5... But atleast got skins that worth 200euros! It's EuWest account There we go : 30 champions Akali - Stinger Akali Amumu - Sad robot amumu Annie - Panda Annie Ashe - Freljord Ashe Cho'Gath - Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath Darius - Lord Darius Dr.Mundo - Executioner Mundo Draven - Soul Reaver Draven Ezreal - Pulsefire Ezreal Hecarim - Soul Reaper Hecarim Katarina - High Command Katarina Kha'Zix - Mecha Kha'Zix LeBlanc - Prestigious LeBlanc Lee Sin - Traditional + Muay Thai Lee Sin Master Yi - Assasin Master Yi + Headhunter Master Yi Nocturne - Eternum Nocturne Shaco - Mad Hatter Shaco Shyvana - Darkflame Shyvana Skarner - Earthrune Skarner Teemo - Panda Teemo Tristana - Riot Girl Tristana.. Warwick - Hyena Xin'Zhao - Winged Hussar + Corki/Nunu/Garen/Fizz/Sivir/Twistedfate and twitch non-skin. Price - Waiting for offers! Contact : Madturtlez , only serious offers! Scammers are not welcome Proof : MARTYVILY Online if needed. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Price 30euro @ Paypal ! Grab it now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.