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WTS: League Of Legends Account 101 Champions And 72 SkinsMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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    Skins Are : Ahri - Foxfire Ahri Akali - Nurse Akali / Blood Moon Akali Alistar - Unchained Alistar Amumu - Pharaoh Amumu (Legacy) / Almost Prom King Amumu Annie - Goth Annie (Bought In a Bundle) Ashe - Queen Ashe Blitzcrank - Boom Boom Blitzcrank Brand - Zombie Brand (Halloween Legendary) Caitlyn - Artic Warfare Caitlyn Cho' Gath - Battlecast Prime Cho' Gath (Legendary) Darius - Lord Darius Draven - SoulDreaver Draven Elise - Death Blossom Elise Ezreal - Nottingham Ezreal (Legacy) Fiddlesticks - Dark Candy Fiddlesticks (Christmas 2012) Fiora - Headmistress Fiora (Halloween) / Nighraven Fiora Fizz - Fisherman Fizz Hecarim - Blood Knight Hecarim / Reaper Hecarim Irelia - Frostblade Irelia Janna - Frost Queen Janna Jarvan IV - Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Jayce - Debonair Jayce Karma - Traditional Karma Kassadin - Hardbinger Kassadin Katarina - Slay Belle Katarina (Christmas 2012) Kennen - Karate Kennen Lee Sin - Muay Thai Lee Sin Leona -Iron Solari Leona Lulu - Dragon Trainer Lulu Lux - Steel Legion Lux Malphite - Glacial Malphite Malzahar - OverLord Malzahar Miss Fortune - Secret Agent Miss Fortune Mordekaiser - Dragon Knight Mordekaiser (Legacy) Morgana - Black Thorn Morgana Nami - Koi Nami Nautilus - AstroNautilus Nidalee - Leopard Nidalee (Legacy) / French Maid Nidalee / HeadHunter Nidalee Nocturne - Eternum Nocturne (Legendary) Olaf - Brolaf (Legendary) Quinn - Phoenix Quinn Rammus - Ninja Rammus Renekton - Outback Renekton Riven - Battle Bunny Riven Rumble - Rumble In The Jungle Ryze - Uncle Ryze Shen - Surgeon Shen Shyvana - Darkflame Shyvana Sona - Arcade Sona Syndra - Justicar Syndra Talon - DragonBlade Talon Taric - Armor Of The Fifth Age Taric Teemo - Super Teemo / Astronaut Teemo (Legendary) Tresh - Deep Terror Tresh Tryndamere - DemonBlade Tryndamere Twisted Fate - Tango Twisted Fate Twitch - Gangster Twitch Vayne - HeartSeeker Vayne Vi - NeonStrike Vi Volibear - Nothern Storm Volibear Xerath - Scorcherd Earth Xerath Xin Zhao - Warring Kindoms Xin Zhao Zac - Special Weapon Zac Zed - Shockblade Zed Ziggs - Snow Day Ziggs Do Your Bids. : TheeDemon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.