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WTS: INSANE WoW ACCT 80sham/80lock/80rogue 3 RANK 1 PVP TITLES FULL WRATHFUL & TIER 10Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/26/13.

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    80 orc shaman (horde) US ACCT gear: Full wrathful gear w/ dislodged foreign object for elemental Full wrathful gear for pvp healing (yes full wrathful gear w/ mp5) Full 5/5 Relentless gear w/ full wrathful offset for enhancement 4/5 tier 10 with many 264 pieces of gear for elemental which roughly accumulate to be 5.9k GS Titles: Deadly Gladiator, Relentless Gladiator, arena master, battlemaster, of the horde and of the ashen verdict, plus many more not worth mentioning. Mounts: Vengeful, brutal, deadly, relentless netherdrakes. Black war kodo, raptor, wolf, and mammoth. Has epic flying ability Professions: 450 Jewelcrafting/ Engineering for pvp purposes. 80 Undead warlock (Horde) gear: Full wrathful gear w/ dislodged foreign object for affliction/destruction 4/5 tier 10 with many 264 level items that roughly accumulate to 5.8k GS Titles: Merciless Gladiator (BEST PVP TITLE IN THE GAME!!!a) one achievement away from battlemaster(if you want to achieve it lol) and of the ashen verdict. Mounts: Merciless, vengeful, deadly and relentless netherdrakes. Black war bear, mammoth, raptor. Has epic flying ability Professions: 450 Jewelcrafting/ Engineering for pvp purposes (Yes, I do have all gem cuts, so, you can dominate the auction house and make even more easy money, I do it all the time just get quick auctions) 80 blood elf rogue (Horde, recently made) Gear: 1/5 wrathful full offset pieces 4/5 tier10 IvI 2 with all 264+ level items which is my best pve geared character with 6.1k+ GS Titles: no prestigious titles (again recently made) only of the ashen verdict. Mounts: Grand black war mammoth (carry 2 friends!!! ) has epic flying ability Professions: 450 Jewelcrafting/ Engineering. again... for pvp purposes 80 blood elf paladin (horde, recently made) this toon was recently level'd and has about nearly all 232 level gear for prot pve with 2 offset wrathful pvp pieces and does not have epic flying ability. 72 orc hunter (horde) with 4/5 brutal gear with full guardian offset. has epic flying ability 68 alt warrior (horde) Every character listed here has duel spec available (has two available specs) My account contains MORE THAN 60,000 gold, I may have more depending on how long it takes to sell my account. ( I can provide you with the folder of all my macros ive used for each character to save you the hassle of having to look them up) My prices are 1000+usd for my warlock, 1250+ usd for my shaman, and 750+ usd for my rogue. PRICES 2500+ usd for the entire account which saves you 500 usd. We can also negotiate a price. The reason i posted individual prices is if you are interested in buying a single character we settle it with an extra 100 usd for me to set up an extra account, upgrade it, and Xfer the character your interested in. If you are interested in purchasing any of the 3 main characters stated above plz PM here for further information on contacting each other. ALL ALTS ARE FREE IF YOU BUY THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT!!!!
Thread Status:
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