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[WTS] HC : Marauder 70 / Templar 51 [%] SC : Witch 69 / Marauder 62Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Path of Exile Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Path of Exile, 9/28/13.

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    Hi, I'm selling my account because I sold my computer and stop playing. Please send me an email at stone.dux@ if you are interested, I'll sell my account quickly, as soon as I receive a decent offer. (I'll send screenshot to serious people) I've a stash extension, and there are full of gears/orbs/skills (HC and SC) Here a short description of the characters (European Server) HARDCORE Marauder 70 (Merciless all quest done) : Eplosive arrow build WITHOUT AURA, have blood magic 4319 life 3.26 Attack/sec (Quillrain bow 4L) 96% projectile speed 3921 armor : 33% physical reduction (5879 : 43% reduc with Molten Shell) 5% evasion 236 life/sec (330 with rejuvenation totem) 25% speed increase 75% All Resist and -7% Chaos Explosive arrow + Life leech + Increase area of effect + LMP (+1 level to all gems) Bear trap x2 + Added fire damage + item quantity Molten shell + Rejuvenation + Flammability + Increased duration Summon skeletons + Spell totem + Faster Casting + Life gain on hit This build is just amazing, I do 66maps without any problems and no concentration ! This marauder just one-shoot all pack !! It saddens me to sell it, but I don't own the computer to play with ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARDCORE Templar 51 (Cruel act 3) : Freezing pulse build Aura : Discipline / Clarity / Vitality / Grace 1952 life 1.20attack/sec 1041 armor 26% reduc 18% evasion 75% fire, 73% cold, 44% lighting and -20% chaos 55life/sec 76mana/sec 610 dps + LMP on freezing pulse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOFTCORE Witch lvl 69 (Merciless all quest done) Summoner arc build Aura : Purity / Clarity / Wrath 1809 life 62% IIR 77%fire 23%Cold 77%Lightning -44% Chaos 96mana/sec 10 Zombies 14 Skeletons 4 Spectres Very good summoner gears on it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOFTCORE Marauder 62 77 skills point free ! No build yet 5L chest and Dread Maul weapon Good marauder gears on it Thank !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.