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Selling WTS gw account 50/50 pve/pvp...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/19/13.

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    WTS gw account 50/50 pve/pvp titles/armors/weapons.... 8 characters: 3 pvp char-war/derv/monk (all equipped with armors and weapons, bination of exotic and fancy; all pvp rewards are unlocked and available for purchase with 2500+ rps which can be used either for pvp equipment or for z-keys) 5 pve char-war/ele/ritu/sin/ranger (all lvl 20, one of them is in pre searing, one of them has GWAMM and one of them has 16 titles maxed, all pve char got chaos gloves, 2 of them have full obsy armor) Titles on gwamm: r12 lux r10 kurz r10 norn r10 dwarf r10 agent r10 asura r6 legendary master of north r10 spearmarshal r8 lightbringer r2 party r2 sweet r2 drunk legendary guardian legendary vanquisher legendary cathographer legendary skill hunter legendary survivor r5 wisdom-4k ident r4 treasure 2k+ opened r5 unlucky r3 lucky r7 zaishen r6 hero-1300 fame r5 skillz-12k+ r7 gladiator 17k+ r1 mander codex and champion titles started, but no tiers yet The account posses 5 full storage panels of weapons and some ded minis, worth standing in chest. Also there is enough stuff for 1 free oppressor weapon. HoM is 50/50 full: 70+ minis, 30 hero armors( all primeval +deldrimor ), almost 50 statues, all armors, all tormented and destroyer weapons with 1 oppressor. Also it has 150zkeys and 534e and 400k and 2500+ tournament reward points. It is ncsoft linked. All info will be mailed. Only interested in money offers, no in-game items. Wts 50/50 gwamm The account has 30 max titles. Main has all tormented/destroyer/oppressor's weapons. Main=Assassin with gwamm Titles Incorrigible Ale-Hound Life of the Party Connoisseur of Confectionaries Legendary Survivor Legendary Guardian Legendary Vanquisher Legendary Master Of The North Legendary Guardian Legendary Cartographer Legendary Elite Skill Hunter Legendary Spearmarshal Holy Lightbringer Legendary Delver Secret Agent Slayer Of All Not too Shabby Rank 4 Wisdom. r6 Luxon, r4 Kurzick 2 Obsidian sets. Assassin Obsidian + Chaos + Blindfold...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.