Selling WTS Great Account with 6* FGT, Haizen, Barragan, TT Shunsui and many more!!! GlobalMiddleman Seller Guide

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    This was my main account for a few months, but I've decided to use my second account as my main going forward. I will only sell this account if the offer is really good. Here are the notables:

    6 Stars: FGT Ichigo (maxed), Hogyoku Aizen (maxed), Tag Team Shunsui (maxed), Barragan (maxed), Xmas Szayel (150 but not maxed tree), Heart Yamamoto (150 but not maxed tree), Stark (150 but not maxed tree), Shunsui (150 but not maxed tree, however all raid characters were completed so just jewels are needed), 110 Yoruichi (just started working on her)

    5 Stars: Xmas Szayel (was a dupe), Mind Kisuke (fire BK), Heart Shunsui (vortex), Mind Toshiro, Shuhei (dupe), Szayel (original heart version), Xmas Sajin, Xmas Jushiro, Grimmjow, Heart Byakuya, Heart Shinji (hat), Power Toshiro (from Xmas coop with 5/5 special)

    Other notables: 5* Frenzy characters including Tech Toshiro, Power Orihime, Heart Mayuri, Power Byakuya (none of the frenzy characters are maxed, so you can grind for their orbs when they come back around)
    4* Omeda x3 (for coin grinding), 4* Kisuke x4 (for crystal grinding), + lots of 4 stars with normal attack damage increase

    For notable items, I have a Power and Mind Chappy (4*), and a Mind and 2x Power Tenshintai.

    Story is just about complete on normal and hard. I did not begin the Ulquiorra Frenzy, so if you are thinking about making an offer on this account do it ASAP so you don't miss out on farming all of the crystals for Ulquiorra.

    If you have any questions about this account, shoot me a message, and I will gladly reply. Thanks!

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