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WTS: Gladiator lvl 60 and Sorc lvl 60, Perento, Asmo, GG (Trading for Siel-Asmo-Cler/Glad)Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/26/13.

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    ALL ON DIFFERENT ACCS (SORC ONE IS VETERAN) Glad: 2x eternal lvl 60 ap rings 2x eternal lvl 60 ap earrings 1x eternal lvl 60 ap necklace 1x eternal lvl 60 ap belt Vasharti 6 slot spear fused with 55 c2 pole, +5, silence GS 60 c2 boots, shoulderplates and greaves (2 mr +24 parts 1 +17 crit part), 55 c1 set Siel equip, (full +5 attack and 17 crit) Kahrun dagger and mace both +5 (full attack +5) Noble pernone wings Devil pet 24 slot shugo pet 12 slot pet 6 slot pet Arena looting pet Pagati mount Almost 500k ap 55 mith medals, 1.5k courage, 25k crucible, 250 kahrun symbols lvl 500 alchemy, lvl 400 essencetapping DW tree plus pvp stigmas Sorc: 2x eternal lvl 60 ap rings 2x eternal lvl 60 ap earrings 1x eternal lvl 60 ap necklace 1x fabled lvl 55 waist kahrun tome over 60 c1 tome +8, blind gs 2x 60 lvl c2 parts 4x 55 lvl c1 parts eternal kahrun wings stormwing pet pagati veyron 30000 crucible insignas 1500 courage insiginas 500 kahrun symbols 15 mith medals all pve and pvp stigmas, fenris set 500 lvl alchemy, 310 essencetapping Update, selling a lvl 60 Chant as well Kinda naked 3x 55c1 parts vasharti staff fused with 55 c1 staff about 30 mithril both stigma trees peluche shop pet (warning/loot one) rentus pagati mount 2x 50 fabled rings Willing to sell all of these since I moved to NA (might be interested in trading it for GG glad or cler on Siel, Asmo). Add me on : bernone mail me@: d.bernardini@live.it - - - Updated - - - MR manastones are +14, ofc*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.