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    WTS: EU: Resto/Enha Sham AEONAXX MOUNT "I'm the first owner of the account and do have all informations. I'm selling very good geared Resto/Enhancement shaman geared for HC raids. Got very good reputation on the server as being one of the best enha shamans around. Additionally on account there is 85level warlock geared pvp and 81lvl dk with tank gear. Few other 80's and lower chars. Al'Akir (PvP) EU Server Shaman: Resto mainspec is fully epiced 359/372 with total of ilvl363. Plenty of BiS items (especially both trinkets, from Maloriak hc and tsunami deck card which costed over 20k gold). 4/5pc of set with perfectly balanced stats and talent build makes it ready for raiding in a second! Enhancement was my mainspec at the launch of cataclysm and it's geared almost equaly to resto. ilvl 361 with BiS weapons and BiS enchants all over it. Kind of respec and top meters. Profession & reputation: All cataclysm repuatations on exalted. Overall 23 reps on exalted. Engineering 525 (20 orbs in bags) Alchemy 525 (All cata recipies) Cooking 525 Fishing 525 Archaeology ~300 Around 10k gold in bags+mats (total of 20k gold or something) Mounts: (310% speed) -Black Drake, -Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher (icc10 achievements), -Argent Warhorse, -Blue drake, -Azure Drake, - Phosphorescent Stone Drake, a drop from Aeonaxx(Those 2 are very rare mounts. Only 4 of Aeonaxx drakes on my server and a few Azure Drakes), -Black War Mammoth, -Raven Lord, -Red Proto-Drake, -Rusted Proto-Drake, -Sea Turtle, And many many more. Titles & Achievements: -Ambassador, -Assistant Professor, -Bane of the Fallen King, -Brewmaster, -Champion of the Frozen Wastes, -Crusader, -Jenkins, -Patron, -Starcaller, -Twilight Vanquisher, -of Orgrimmar/Sen'jin/Silvermoon/Thunder Bluff/Undercity, -of the Ashen Verdict, -of the Nightfall, -the Astral Walker/Kingslayer/Noble/Patient/Pilgrim. 4/13hc of Cata raiding done. Over 7400 achievements. icc10hc whole done. icc25 11/12hc Alts: 85lvl warlock specced PvP (On Tarren Mill) 81lvl Death Knight tank geared/specced (Al'Akir) 80lvl Warlock (Al'Akir) 65lvl Rogue (Al'Akir) I only accept paypal and it has to be sent as ""Gift"" for no returns. Don't even try to scam me and pm me if you have got any questions." WTS: EU: Retribution/Holy Paladin 85 355item lvl , Light of Dawn , Bone drake "Retribution : Item lvl 355 Weapon from Chogall Weapon from PvP Holy : Item lvl 352 A lot epics and some blue gears Best mount : Bone drake ( from iccecrown 25m ) Titles: Light of Dawn the Kingslayer Achi: Claread 12/12 , and 2 on heroic mode ( BD / Throne ) And a lot of other ... Gold : 10k Main 2k Alts Professions 512 Enchanting 479 Blacksmithing Alt : Mage 60 lvl ( with special gear ) Well i'm ending with World of Warcraft so account coming with StarcraftII Starcraft II : x4 Diamont League A lot of avatars - Possible Rename Bonus - Playable until 16/03/2011 If need screenshots just send me a msg. PRICE: 350EURO ( Price is negotiable )" WTS: EU: Rogue 390IL and 6 x 85 lvl alts ( 1 2) "Rogue 390 IL on PvE ,around 387 on PvP gear. 6 85 lvl alts on the account (mage.warrior,dk,priest,lock,shaman) . The rogue also has vanity gear for the next patch's transmogrifigation tool + rare mounts like Ravenlord,Corrupted Fire Hawk.Razzashi raptor etc.Lil'teragosa pet + Nightsaber cub pet from WoW TCG Loot and a couple more. Also got unobtainable titles like Herald of the Titans,Conqueror of Ulduar etc The rogue's race is UD male,but that can be fixed.Also got excellent PvE rep (Ranked top 3 and top 10 on every fight in Firelands) just in case you want to apply to a world top 50 guild. Only serious offers me for price details and payment methods." WTS: EU: ROGUE 397ilvl 200e "After long 4 years of WoW I'm selling my account's ( my account ). The account contains: 1x WOW-Cataclysm account 1x WoW-Wotlk account 2x Warcraft 3 1x Warcraft 3 TFT The first wow account contains: 1x Human Rogue 85 5k achievements PvP gear item level 397 witch is full cataclysmic set with cataclysm throw(403), ring(403) and trinket. The rogue has as well 4x tier 13 ( 3xRF, 1xNormal ). It has a guild with 4 tabs of herbs and valuable staff. 10 exalted reputations and about 10 mounts. The best title probably is "" the undying "" or "" the vanquisher "". The rogue has fear and vengeance daggers. In statistics the rogue has 2195 personal rating in 3v3 and 2160 in 2v2, so you should not have problems finding a team or a rated battle group team. 1x Gnome Warlock 82 with tier 6 brutal etc 1x Human Paladin 81 1x Gnome Mage 70 1x Human priest 50 The second wow account contains 1x 80 Dwarf Priest with 310% flying mount from ulduar hard modes witch can't be taken now and as well "" The Starcaller "" title. Only the first account is currently active. I'm selling the account because currently I'm studying computer science and I already lost my first semester so I'm moving on with games and starting to build up my professional career. I already got 180e from instant quote so I would like to get at least 200e. And I can assure you that the account is wroth much more. The transaction is exclusively done by PayPal. Happy bidding to everyone."
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