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Sold WTS: EU: Pve Fury warrior 372ilvl & Resto Druid...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by WoW Buy Character, 6/10/13.

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  1. WoW Buy Character
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    WTS: EU: Pve Fury warrior 372ilvl & Resto Druid 363 "Hey! I decided to sell my wow account since i dont play anymore. Main character is orc fury warrior with 372 ilvl , full riding skills, well known on server, around 2k total ingame money, defender of the shatered world, kingslayer, offspec pvp arms(have some pvp gear), blacksmithing 525, mining 525, first aid 523... On same account theres also resto/feral druid, with 363pve ilvl, and fulll vicious feral pvp gear. Has full riding skills, 525 jc and mining. Both characters are on hord side on eu realm. Send me privat message if u are interested so i can show u armory link and other information. Im first and only owner of the account, have all serial keys and everything that u need, Klemc." WTS: EU: PvP Geared Chars ★ 1 Month Gametime ★ Cheap "I can show you the character in game and i accept any common payment method Please also check my customers thread to see the amount of accounts i sold and their feedback First Account Morfine @ The Maelstrom - Game - World of Warcraft - ROGUE Wizthegunn @ The Maelstrom - Game - World of Warcraft - HUNTER Sugarkrugar @ Stormscale - Game - World of Warcraft - DK ( 2200 achiv in 3v3 ) Second Account Sugarcougar @ Stormscale - Game - World of Warcraft - WARRIOR ( 2200 achiv in 3v3 ) Candyshop @ The Maelstrom - Game - World of Warcraft - ROGUE Ramada @ The Maelstrom - Game - World of Warcraft - PRIEST ALTS: - level 80 Shaman Full Wrathfull Haslehoof @ Jaedenar - Game - World of Warcraft - level 80 Paladin T8 Geared Maceinface @ Shattered Halls - Game - World of Warcraft Bonus: - 1 Month Gametime for each account" WTS: EU: PVP Holydin "Level 85 PVP Holydin Name: Eyana Race: Human Faction: Alliance Gender: Female Server: Bloodhoof EU Guild: Asphyxia (Level 25) Gear: Full Season 11 Ruthless Gladiators. 2x Cataclysmic 2x Season 10 weapon + Sheild Full tier set. For all you Arena pvpers (Or casual BG players) this character is geared perfectly for it. 4.4k resi sporting a very nice 43% dmg reduction from other players. Full holy paladin gear set and a great character to start arena with. Grab yourself an arms warrior friend a DK friend hell even a rogue friend and start bombing that rating. This account is fresh...it was purchsed for sale in mind. All account details are to hand and the character has only 4days 17 hours play time. Still has game time and is ready to go. For all you guys and girls that are interested...send me a pm with contact details and we can come to a price. Thanks Greyloc" WTS: EU: Repost delete please Repost, delete please.
Thread Status:
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