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Sold WTS: EU: Lvl 71 tank pala for sale Selling lvl 71...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by WoW Buy Character, 6/10/13.

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  1. WoW Buy Character
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    WTS: EU: Lvl 71 tank pala for sale Selling lvl 71 tank pala for any offer i would like a quick sale.....Even for a 60 day prepaid card will do WTS: EU: lvl 85 DK (ilvl 381) Cheap account. "Level 85 Blood Elf Dark Knight, Frostwhisper server EU ilvl 381(Strong Cata Pvp Items) lvl25 guild, Miner/Jewelcrafter (full) Take down almost everyone in PVP for Only 70 Pounds (price negotiable) Great deal, take while still available!!! Armory profile: Click Here Selling Via Paypal, or Direct Bank Transfer. e-mail me: v.vasarovskis@ncl.ac.uk Skype me: black7135732" WTS: EU: Lvl 85 Paladin/warrior "Hi there, i am selling my wow account. The Account is filled up with 10 chars on the same realm. mostly alliance side. The Main char is a 85 paladin. With 108 Mounts, 33 titles and more than 7k achievement points. .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-24461.html I will list a few mounts. Vial of the sands Swift rashazzi raptor Baron Rivendare's deathcharger Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Violet Proto-drake White polar bear Winterspring Tiger x-53 Touring rocket And many others 310% flying ofc. Beside the main professions wich you can find in the like i do also have 450cooking/fishing and 525 archeology. lvl 85 items from Archeology wich are account bound: zin rokh destroyer of worlds tyrande's favorite doll ring of the boy emperor. Next to the paladin's pve retri set the char also contains a full holy pvp set. Heirlooms: Full plate set including trinkets/2h full cloth set including trinkets/weapon/cape. Full leather dps set including daggers/feral 2h 85 warrior Used as a pvp char. .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-24458.html Note: the char is not wearing a 2h because i am used to switch the Bind to account 2h between the paladin and warrior. 84 Hunter Used as a farm char .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-24467.html 280% flying Mounts Both brewfest mounts x-53 Touring Rocket HH mount. The paladin/hunter/warrior are on the same realm, all alliance side. Alts: I got serveral alts on the same realm, both horde and alliance Alliance: 79 druid, 73 rogue, 62 priest, 60 mage. Horde: 80 Mage, 70 druid, 62 shaman. Horde (Other realm) 74 Druid. I do have the Keycode From Catacalysm. All decent offers will be considered. For more information or discussing, Please contact me Thx" WTS: EU: LvL 85 prot pala, iLvL 372/ MM Hunter, ilvl 357/ 85 Rogue(12 months in acc) CHEAP!! "LvL 85 proLvL 85 prot pala, iLvL 372/ MM Hunter, ilvl 357/ 85 Rogue(12 months in acc) Main Char LvL 85 prot pala, iLvL 372 End game top raider tank,stopped before Firelands,Dragonslayer, full 372 gear and full pvp Vicious. Was in World top 100 Guild. Also has full 372 retribution pve gear so you either play Tank or Dps Has around 70 mounts(8,5k achiv) LVL 85 MM Hunter, ilvl 357 alt,nothing special about him LVL 85 Rogue, low iLvl Maxed proffesions in hunter(alch - herb) and pala( mining JC) Hunter has bank full of Cata herbs and both of them have a bunch of items for sale so you can easily make around 50 k gold extra easy. account has 1 year active playtime selling the account for 180 euro hit me up here and lets discuss itt pala, iLvL 372/ MM Hunter, ilvl 357/ 85 Rogue(12 months in acc) CHEAP!!"
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