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    Hello there, I would like to make a small description regarding the account I am selling, this account means alot to me since it's the only one I've been playing since I've started World of Warcraft, aproximatly 4 years ago. The reason I am quitting, it's because I can't play casual, I can either play all day or not play at all and I will have important exams in my life, and a medicine school I need to attend afterwards so no time left for me to play the game in the future. I can't really say I regret selling it because I've certainly enjoyed playing it, but now it's time for me to stop.

    I would like to inform you that I am the main owner, all account details shall be given, details like: Secret Question & Secret Answer; My ID card and a picture with me holding it; cd keys; address and everything you might need to ensure your safety.

    I have 3 characters on the account that I've been playing:

    * * * * * * *

    Level 85 human warrior


    - Achievements

    - Titles that worth mentioning: Grand Marshall ; Wrathfull Gladiator ; Merciless Gladiator ; Brutal Gladiator ; Blackwing's Bane ; Defender of a Shattered World ; the Light of Dawn ; Bane of the Fallen King ; The Astral Walker ; Starcaller ; of the Nightfall ; Twilight Vanquisher.

    - Ingame mounts that worth mentioning : Blue Dragonhawk ; Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher ; Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher ; Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake ; Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake ; Reins of the Red Proto-Drake + all exalted reputation mounts like Blue Riding Nether Ray ; Cobalt Netherwing Drake ; Phosphorescent Stone Drake + X-53 Touring Rocket and many others...

    - ilevel PVE ~ 369
    - ilevel PvP ~ 371

    - Lots of summonable companions, can't really bother to type all here but most of them.

    - Professions / Blacksmith & jewelcrafting
    Cooking skill - 450/525
    Fishing skill - 450/525

    - Current arena rating:
    2v2 - 2292
    3v3 - 2699

    - Rated battlegrounds:
    2295 Rating

    (!)This is my main, played alot on it, currently at 292 days playtime so you can only imagine how addicted I was.

    * * * * * * *

    Level 85 human rogue


    - Achievements

    - Titles : of the Nightfall ; jenkins

    - ilevel PVE ~ 355

    - Professions / Skinning(525/525) & Leatherworking(525/525)

    (!) Some Vicious pvp gear and that's all for this character.

    * * * * * * *

    Level 85 human mage


    - Achievements

    - Titles : of the Nightfall ; Knight-Lieutenant ; Twilight Vanquisher ; the Patient

    - ilevel PVE ~ 352
    - ilevel PVP ~ 357

    - Professions / Enchanting (507/525) & Tailoring (467/525)

    (!) Full bloodthirsty and some vicious parts

    On the account there are also 3 bank characters, one for mining, one for herbalism mats and one for everything. I have 40k gold stacked and if you sell the mats not over-exagerating but I think you can get way more then 100k.

    I would like to ask you nicely not to contact me if you are not really an interested or a potential buyer and scammers please keep away because it will not work.

    I am not to familiar with online trading so we’ll have to find a way for both sides to be safe and square.

    The price it’s 550e, not negotiable at all.

    If you have any other questions you can find me at

    on skype at alexstillone
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