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Selling WTS: EU: IMBA pala account and priest account...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Wow Sell Characters, 6/9/13.

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  1. Wow Sell Characters
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    WTS: EU: IMBA pala account and priest account "pala: 11k achiv point. Got 76 mount, include invincible, ZAM bear , ZG tigar , sand stone drake, west wind drake,Raven Lord, x53 rocket and all the achiv mount. Loads imba title include hand of Al dar, arena master, vanquiser. Gear include full set t2 2.5 5 6 7 8 Thunderfury & Shadowmourne. Now on 4set T11 and rest 372 iteam level gear Price is GBP 950 priest:9.6k achive point . 68 mount, include invincible, Swift Spectral Tiger, blue rocket, x53 rocket, chicken mount, Swift White Hawkstrider, turtle mount and all the achiv mount 120+ pets.Gear 362 iteam levels Price is GBP 850 perfer UK buyer, selling these 2 account because we need to go back to our country , cant play wow eu there because of lag. I have sold some warhammer account and wow account here before , you can go and check the history.!! pm if you interested" WTS: EU: imba wow account "bored of wow and quiting for runescape... i have 85 shaman - alot of pvp titles + 370 IL with 2k conq points + Raven lord rare mount 85 priest - chopper raptor mount netherwing some titles full vic 85 mage full pvp gear 85 warr full vic 81 hunter 81 dk either selling on paypal or willing to swap for Runescape gold ... im OO can give all detail *Trade is forever never coming back* i have skype msn or can talk on phone PM me =)" WTS: EU: Incredible Warrior LvL 85 / Many Alt's Vanity Account "Images here : 1. 2. 3. 4. There are many Caracters , Vanity items , titles , mounts and Twinks caracters Warrior LvL 85 Pve gear (Protection)iLvL 363 : Pants Tier 11 Hands Tier 11 Full epics from raids , trash and crafted items 170k hp unbufed PvP gear (Arms) iLvL 365 : 5/5 Vicious Set Vicious weapon All accesories are vicious 3550 ressilience 130k hp unbufed PvE gear (if you want fury dps) iLvL 360 : More then half is epics and in rest heroic items . Titles : -Guardian of cenarios -Chamption of the frozen wastes -the patient -the explorer -Assistant professor -of darnassus -twilight vanquisher -of the nightfall -jenkings -ambassador -Kingslayer + many more Mounts : 96 Mounts -Raven Lord -Hawstrider from Kael thas -Fossilized raptor -Blue proto-drake -Drake of the west wind -Red Drake -black war Hyphograf from cenarion expedition -Black war bear -all kurenai elleks -Brown Camel -3 mamoths -all gnomeregan mounts -all sw mounts -all if mounts -all darnassus mounts -all exodar mounts -all pvp reward mounts from bg's + many many more i have 70+ companions pets half of this are the most rares . Feats of strenght : Swift White Hawkstrider Reins of the Raven Lord WoW's 6th Anniversary 500 Stone Keeper's Shards Zul'Gurub WoW's 4th Anniversary Onixya's Lair almost to complete 6000 achivment points 25+ Exalted factions Vanity items : some tier 1 , tier 2 , tier 4 , tier 5 and all to tier 10 (not all fully but i have from all something) vanity items : swords , shields , showlders and heads collecor from all contents (the most rares) Professions : BS 525/525 (all recipes) Mining 525/525 Archaeology 525/525 First Aid 525/525 Fishing 400/525 Cocking 300/525 All cataclysm factions exalted gold 14000 fly epic is 310% speed About alt's caracters : -Rogue LvL 85 this caracter is Bloothirsty geared -Mage LvL 81 some titles : the patient jenkings Awsome Wotlk gears and ready for cataclysm if you like it -Warlock LvL 80 some titles : pilgrim of the stormwind of the darnassu the patient jenkings etc Tier 10 gear, ready for cata playing -Hunter LvL 75 was a Twink full Merciles / Gladiator gears etc nice pets and the most rares -Priest LvL 71 Brutal gear and many vanity items -Shaman LvL 65 Twinks : -Rogue LvL 70 Full Full Brutal gear , bc raids items and many more -Hunter LvL 60 Eh, there is something awsome ... this caracter have the Zandalar set + Zin'rokt weapon and many many lvl 60 items -Paladin LvL 61 Just waiting for LvL up - Dk LvL 60 + many many more - im original owner and i have full details : account login , account password , secret question + answer , original keys and ofcourse photo id . - all service avaible : transfer caracter to another server or maybe another account , change name , sex , faction , race . - Account is active more then 3 months - i want a good buyout so ... i let you guys to offer first time . - we can meet in game to show you all my caracters . PM for details i try answer you as fast posible thanks" WTS: EU: Insane Druid ★ 12k Achivements ★ 1 Year Gametime ★ 100% Safe ( 1 2) "I can show you the character in game and i accept any common payment method The character is bought from the original owner and is transfered by him to my new account so is 100% SAFE from recall Please also check my customers thread to see the amount of accounts i sold and their feedback Profiles Lezhuc @ Kazzak - Game Guide - World of Warcraft - she also got full resto pve gear She is ready for Faction Change / Race Change / Paid Character Transfer / Rename"
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