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Selling WTS: EU: Full ruthless tier 2 warrior and 5 other...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Wow Sell Characters, 6/9/13.

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    WTS: EU: Full ruthless tier 2 warrior and 5 other 85 alts "Ok, so i am selling 6 level 85s, a level 83, a 74 Ok, i will go over every char starting off with my pride and joy, my warrior. He is alliance male, full Ruthless tier 2, with tier 2 mace, fully enchanted and gemmed of course. He also has maxed engineering for synapse springs on gloves and mining that is almost maxed. He has around 2.6k arena 3v3 experience, with the 2.4k achievement of course, and currently has the duelist title. Next off is my blood elf female holy paladin. My main from last season, this character is mostly ruthless, but not quite full due to not playing her as much as i should. She has maxed JC and engineering and again has the synapse springs. She also has the arena master title. Third is my undead male warlock, who is full ruthless apart from the trinkets. Affliction specced of course however no major titles or raitings, just some 2k ones. Fourth is my frost mage that is undead male. This char is full tailoring and is half ruthless half last season's gear. Fifth is my blood elf male rogue. This is about a third ruthless gear, the rest is the tier 2 gear from last season, my rogue also has the 2.2k achievement in 3s. Sixth is my shaman, who is tauren male but has average gear, nearly all epic, but also nearly all from last season, so his gear does need a lot of work. I also have a level 83 dk who is geared and specced for tanking, for levelling up in dungeons and a 74 hunter, both of these chars are troll males. Apart from my shaman all of my level 85 characters are full epic and are fully in pvp gear, all of them are also available for transfer. I'm the original owner of the account and i've had it since 2005, so i'm looking for someone that will take good care of it! Just leave me some realistic offers, and we'll see where we can go from there!" WTS: EU: Full Tier 2 85 Druid account with mage priest hunter "This account has a full Tier 2 Druid. The priest mage hunter are all 85 with gear The priest has full vicious and so does the hunter and the mages gear is mainly bloodthirsty with one vicious Item all of which have the weapons. All have max riding skill except the mage who has 280% instead of 310%. Professions. Priest has max skill Herbalism/Inscription *(Good farming character) Hunter Has Max Skill Engineering and 177 mining skill but can be incrased easily. Mage Engineering 450 and Tailoring 450 Druid Alchemy 510 and Enchanting at 417 The account has a total amount of gold on it of roughly 13k The account has some rare titles and old school gear across the characters some of which include ""Hand of Adal"" A few rare drop flying mounts like the black drake, and the ulduar ach drake. If you buy the account you will recieve the full account including secret question and answer etc. If your interested in buying the account and wish to talk more with me about it contact me at alewy123@gmail Thanks" WTS: EU: Gladiator DK and priest "Hello, i've got 2 85s (dk and disc priest) and a 70 hunter (my tbc alt with t4/brutal gear and conqueror title) as well as low level alts with full heirlooms and some gold. The DK is a s5/6 gladiator and has vicious gear with the t2 weapon, ruthless chest and a pretty high cap. BS/JC professions. Got some cool mounts (nothing exceptional apart from the 2 frostwyrms but some nice wolves/raptors) The disc priest is recently leveled and in very good gear, full 371 vicious with a good few ruthless. Mining/Engi professions. 280% flying mount. Just renewed the account so 25~ days of free game time. Both have transfers up and i am the OO of the account PM me your skype and i'll add you and we'll have a haggle" WTS: EU: Gladiator priest + alts. "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am the orignal owner of the account and well provide all necessary information along with ID scan. Account is currently still active.*85 (h) Priest: ( Gladiator ) , 2850 exp Gold: All characters together : 10.000 G +/- Mounts: [Black war mammoth] , [bloodbathed frostbound vanquisher] , [drake of the west wind] , [ fossilized raptor ] , [ Red proto drake ] , [ Great brewfest kodo ] , [ Ruthless gladiator's twillight drake ] , [ Swift brewfest ram ] - total of 27 mounts Titles: [ Gladiator ] , [ Champion of the frozen wastes ] , [ the patient ] , [ Of the ashen Verdict ] [ Leeeeroy ] , [ The love fool ] , [ merrymaker ] , [ Elder ] , [ The hallowed ] , Rated battleground titles up to [ General ] . Further i nearly got [Arena Master] Just need the 5v5 achievment left . Riding skill : Master riding Herbalism : 525 Skinning : 525 Archeology : 525 PvP gear: Full Season 10 -- Also got s8 if you want to trans it . (including t2 weapons) All characters exept for the warlock and shaman have epic riding skill Alts: 85 (h) Hpala -- 2100 exp 85 (h) Warrior -- 1900 exp 85 (h) Shaman ( ele ) -- 2000 exp 85 (h) Death Knight -- 1900 exp 85 (h) Druid ( feral ) -- 2300 exp ( T2 weapon ) 72 (h) Warlock 85 (A) Mage - Nagrand - 2000 exp 85 (A) Rogue -Sylvanas - 2100 exp Contact on skype : Robert19281928 ( 2x 1928 )"
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